Sunday, July 17, 2022



 Unit 1: Introduction: Origin of banking: definition, banker and customer relationship, General and special types of customers, Types of deposits, Origin and growth of commercial banks in India. Financial Services offered by banks, changing role of commercial banks, types of banks


 Unit 2:Cheques and Paying Banker Crossing and endorsement - meaning, definitions, types and rules of crossing. Duties, Statutory protection in due course, collecting bankers: duties, statutory protection for holder in due course, Concept of negligence.


Unit 3:Banking Lending Principles of sound lending, Secured vs. unsecured advances, Types of advances, Advances against various securities.


Unit 4:Internet Banking ;Meaning, Benefits, Home banking, Mobile banking, Virtual banking, E-payments, ATM Card/ Biometric card, Debit/Credit card, Smart card, NEFT, RTGS, ECS (credit/debit), E-money, Electronic purse, Digital cash.


 Unit V:  Basic concept of risk, Types of business risk, Assessment and transfer, Basic principles of utmost good faith, Indemnity, Economic function, Proximate cause, Subrogation and contribution, Types of insurance: Life and Non-life, Re-insurance, Risk and return relationship, Need for coordination. Power, functions and Role of IRDA, Online Insurance.

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