Tuesday, July 5, 2022



UNIT 1 Introduction: Concepts in Strategic Management, Strategic Management as a process – Developing a strategic vision, Mission, Objectives, Policies – Factors that shape a company’s strategy – Drafting a strategy - Industry and Competitive Analysis

UNIT 2 Environmental Scanning and leadership: Methods. SWOT Analysis –Strategies and competitive advantages in diversified companies and its evaluation. Strategic Analysis and Choice: Tools and techniques- Strategic Leadership: Leadership and Style – Key Strategic Leadership Actions - Developing Human Capital and Social Capital – Balanced Scorecard.

UNIT 3 Strategy Formulation : Strategy Framework For Analyzing Competition, Porter’s Value Chain Analysis, Competitive Advantage of a Firm, Exit and Entry Barriers - Formulation of strategy at corporate, business and functional levels. Types of Strategies – Tailoring strategy to fit specific industry – restructuring and diversification strategies – different methods Turnaround strategy and diversification strategies.

UNIT 4 Strategy Implementation : Strategy and Structure, Leadership, culture connection - Strategies for competing in Globalizing markets and internet economy – Organizational Values and Their Impact on Strategy – Resource Allocation – Planning systems for implementation.

UNIT 5 Strategy Evaluation and control – Establishing strategic controls - Measuring performance – appropriate measures- Role of the strategist – using qualitative and quantitative benchmarking to evaluate performance - strategic information systems – problems in measuring performance – Strategic surveillance -strategic audit Relevant cases have to be discussed in each unit.

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