Monday, September 30, 2013

Heat Engines Lab at NIT Calicut

Many students who studied at NIT would definitely remember this lab. The only lab in NIT that makes noise when the engines inside work, There must be some reasons why I remember this Lab..largely because the lab report I made for this lab was  some kind of a masterpiece and many of my juniors were crazy about it.

In the third semester of our course we had a Mechanical Engineering lab..which was a composite of Heat Engines..Fluid Mechanics.....and Hydraulics. The Hydraulics part of it could not be done as the lab was jeopardized in a student strike around this time. The heat Engines lab had many engines like the 20 HP Kirloskar engine....a Ambassador Engine..and a reciprocating compressor.

I remember the exam we had for this lab where-in I got the experiment on a 20 HP kirloskar engine which I did very well.  I think Dr. Aboo Backer was incharge of the viva .

Friday, September 13, 2013

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