Monday, September 27, 2010


When I was a student at NIT there was an attempt to shoot few scenes of a movie at our institute. What a confusion and flutter it created.

The movie was Kattathe Kilikoodu which was released during the same year. It was a malayalam film and had Mohanlal; Gopi and Revathy in its cast. They were basically looking for a class room session to be shot at our place. As the news about the proposed shooting spread many of my immediate senior students were the more enthusiastic ones keen on taking part. All that the movie team wanted was some thirty students in the class for the scene but nearly 200 of our boys landed up in right earnest to be students in the class. Many of them had a bath and put all the powder and make-up possible to look presentable and some of them already began to look like heroes with the extra make-up on their faces.

The director was amazed seeing the large crowd of prospective actors each vying with the other for a place in the hall- that too for a single scene. They had to call off the shooting of this scene on the day because of the melee and had the scene shot in the Providence women's college instead.

I think they shot a scene at the valley and I happened to recognise our valley when I got to see the movie myself.