Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There were many kannada teachers at Lowry Memorial School. I think they deserve praise and nostalgia. They were great people so to say and taught the language with distinction.

My earliest kannada teacher was Mrs. Sharath Chandra who was the wife of the head-master Mr. Sharath Candra. From her I learnt alphabets as a tiny tot in the small class room adjacent to the Auditorium. At senior classes at that time an elederly person who used to stay in the ITI colony and a Mysorean to the core by the name of Mr. Badanarayana Murthy used to engage kannada classes with distinction. He was also an expert in yogasan and a good orator. I feel in retrospect Lowry Memorial School is a great school where every teacher did a good teaching job.

In middle school Mr. Paulraj used to teach kannada and he used to stay somewhere near the tin-factory. I remember doing miserably in the kannada language and being tutored in the language by a private tutor Mr. Devabhushan who is an andhrite and had affiliation with the school. At high school Mr. K C Nagaraj from Kengeri used to teach kannada and was a scholar par excellence.

All these people need to be recalled often and remembered by any consenting student who was an unparalleled benificianry of their munifiscence and let it be publicly known how much all their students where ever they exist owe to them for teaching a language through the schooling process with distinction. Are there very many such people around today; I dont know- May be somewhere they exist and enthuse the process iof learning.