Monday, December 31, 2018


Sports Authority of India has a small but magnificent campus in Bangalore on Mysore road more precisely close to the Rajarajeshwari Arch.It is located adjacent to the Bangalore University campus and has two entries one from the Bangalore University and the other from RR Arch side.

SAI as it is called came up in its present location in 1980 and has served the sporting community well and like most Government campuses is a well organised set-up.It has definitely contributed to the growth and sustenance of Sporting activities in the country. 

Sometime back I had a fairly long meeting with the then director Mr.Ramachandran simply talking about sport on various fronts. Players and coaches from across the country can be seen here in every possible sport and academic training in sports is provided.

When one enters the campus from the Bangalore University side there is large ground on the right with jogging tracks and attractive forest area in the background and a Golf course adjacent to it and a sports traning campus on the left and further ahead is a Swimming pool on the left and note that a rivulet passes through the campus.There are many hostels and residential facilities close by and even further to the right is the main Administrative block with an auditorium.

The setting up of such an institute shows beyond doubt that Sporting is an important activity in India and the thrust given by such places helps in the development of sports and human potential.

Monday, December 3, 2018


In the year 1996 or so I had another engagement with Escorts training centre at a place called Chandapura adjacent to the Hosur road few miles before Attibele. Few miles before Attibele one has to turn right into a forest area to reach this unit.

Escorts makes tractors from its various units but did training activities at this place.Mr. K A Krishnan an alumnus of one of the IIM's was the General Manager here.Much later the wife of Mr. K A Krishnan was my colleague at another work place.

The basic task was to organise a Computer training even outsourcing the hardware.The appropriate hardware erected by another institution.

The whole activity went on very well I must say...much later after his retirement I used to meet Mr.Krishnan at times.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


In the year 1996 there was a long term engagement with Wipro Fluid Power which lasted for almost an year with the successful completion of a Multimedia project whilst being in the services of Aptech Corporate consultancy division.

On a sunday we had given a presentation about Multimedia services and with few more sittings with the key people of  Wipro the order came through.Mr. Seethapathy Rao was the CEO of  Wipro Fluid Power, Sunil Rajagopalan The International marketing Manager and product of College of Engineering Trivandrum and IIM Kolkata, Suresh Chandranath the Technical head and a KREC product Khurana were all in the fray.

We had a proposal to complete the project in a weeks time and the voice over provided by Mr.Dasgupta  a key Aptech person in Mumbai.The project could not be completed in fifteen days and it almost dragged into an year but was complete successfully and I look back made contribution for its successful completion and was later used at exhibitions by Mr.Sunil Rajagopalan at various international conferences.

It was a very key learning experience for me sitting in the Conference hall of Wipro Fluid Power in Peenya collecting various inputs about Hydraulic machinery..Wipro Fluid Power makes Hydraulic Cylinders for the Earth Moving Industry.They say All is Well that ends Well so was this project.A alumnus of  NIE Mysore who joined during the last phase of this project made considerable support and I had a good rapport with him.Unfortunately his name I dont recollect..He even went to Mumbai on my behalf for re-orienting things.

Let me thank through this column all the well meaning and sincere people who worked for the successful completion of this work.