Thursday, February 15, 2018



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Tuesday, February 6, 2018


The Sathya Sai College at Whitefeild Bangalore was an option for me for various reasons. It was relatively close to my house, many of my seniors at school studied there, but I was apprehensive if I wold be offered a seat. however I made an application. I had gone to another college christ college (now called Christ University) for admission and as I returned home I found a post card asking me to appear for an interview at Sathya sai arts science and commerce college - as Sathya Sai college was known. 

Mr. Narendra was the principal who along with Mr. Nanjundiah and Mr.Kulkarni were present during the interviewing process. However I was offered a seat to study science and did two years of pre-university education. Divine Sathya Sai Baba used to give his discourses occasionally and his darshan used to happen every day when he was in station. I remember being with him one afternoon with few others when he was leaving for Puttaparthy in his Benz. 

Divine grace Sai Baba made a lasting impression on my life which I realised only decades after I left this place. I liked the Bhajans we used to sing every day  in the morning

Mr. Alvin Drucker used to teach us and handle lecture seminars sometimes. I remember he spoke about homeopathy in one of these sessions. 

It is important for me to say that I did have some miraculous experiences from Baba thereafter and hence i have started looking at him as God. 

We were a bunch of around 25 students from Doorvaninagar who used to travel to Whitefield who were students at Sathya Sai college. During the first year namely 1981 we used to go and return by train ; during the second year we used the ITI bus ( college bus provided by the Indian Telephone Industries)

I fondly remember Mr. H K Nagaraj; Shri Chandrashekar; Shri H N Mahendraraja Urs; Shri Hegde and Shri H R Ravi who used to teach at this college.

Jai Sai Ram

Sunday, February 4, 2018

M Sankaranarayanan IAS as I knew him

The morning news paper brought bad news to me ...I came to know M Sankaranarayanan passed away yesterday.No sooner I dashed to their residence in Richmond Town to pay respects to a man with whom I shared rapport and confidence.He is the son-in-law of O K Nambiar and son of a former Supreme Court  judge Shri Govinda Menon and a relative of M G K Menon FRS.He worked in the IAS for several years and was former Chief Secretary of Karnataka State.

I mentioned somewhere our lives in this city from formative years was closely associated with the family of O K Nambiar.We used to visit their house as children and I remember as a child attending the wedding reception of Mr.Sankaranarayanan in Glass House in Lalbagh in 1968..thereafter the first birthday of their son Govind at their official residence in Vanivilas road...and at 22 Cunningham road when their second son Gopal was born.I still remember the phone number in the 1970s.. 75695. 74453 the phone number of Prabha Sankaranayans sister Prema Bakthavatsalam..and 51188 the residence number of P C Nambiar FRCS in Cox town.

As an adult my first meeting with him was perhaps in 1988 at their Indira Nagar residence when he was MD of KSFC and the discussion with him went on for a long time and therafter came to know he was made Chief Secretary to the state and even a rendezvous with him in his office in Vidhana Soudha.

I had the oppurtunity of entreating him to dinner at Hotel Capitol once and also  he had made it possible to visit our home.I will be missing the long conversations I used to have with him at times and his generic down to earth soft spoken persona.