Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My tryst with Bhoruka Steel

One of the earliest organizations to interview  me was Bhouka Steel Ltd. This was a nice experience and served as a fillip to my second interview at BPL .The entire story is  in August of 1986 and some coincidence of  circumstances.

The name Bhoruka Steel is nothing new to me. It used to be a mini steel plant located at Mahadevapura on White Field road. As a child    I used to ride a bicycle all the way from my home to this factory and back.. Bhoruka Steel used to be a mini steel plant that flourished here from 1970 to around 1995 or so…the years mentioned may not be very accurate but fairly close to facts.

The placement office at REC Calicut put up a notice stating that students of the  Karnataka region need to apply for a post at this Steel company..which I did and was shortlisted for interview.This saw me making an emergency dash to Bangalore…and the date is 14th of August 1986….and the interview was scheduled on the 16th of August 1986 at Hitananda Chambers on Lavelle Road. I think I took the KSTDC bus frtom Calicut to Bangalore and Sheela Furtado and her friend was also there in the bus on that day..I did not know where Lavelle road was and my father explained it to me and I found myself at the office on Lavelle road at the stipulated time. I was led into a large conference hall and two gentlemen spoke to me for about half an hour.

This event was special to me as it was the first interview so to say I underwent  and gave me the confidence to get selected by BPL later.

Thank you  Bhoruka  Steel for this opportunity and thank God for all such experiences.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

PVK Mohan My Friend

At  NIT Calicut I has a special friend so to say..PVK Mohan from Mumbai.He was to me in many ways an interesting character.Basically he is a teluguite from Dadar in Mumbai.

PVK Mohan used to be a hefty person and in the third semester Electrical Circuit Theory class got stuck between benches when he tried to move to his place of seating and few benches had to be re-arranged to make way for him.This created humour in the class for a while. If Iam not mistaken he used to often talk of his elder brother Who is an IIT and IIM graduate.

The reason Why I remember PVK Mohan is that in the D hostel his room used to be exactly opposite to that of mine. This means every day I bumped into him and he used to call me PO…POH…what a nice nick-name. This room of PVK mohan later went to Vinod Shetty our junior also from Mumbai.

PVK fat that he was used to be sometimes called as Pressure Volume  Constant. He used to play Table Tennis well with a powerful back-hand.

Later I came to know PVK Mohan had joined IIM Bangalore and specialized in Finance and works for a Multinational.

PVK  where-ever you are I just happened to remember you.