Wednesday, October 27, 2021


 Few weeks back I visited the Lowry Memorial High School though not out of previous design but out of spite and what I saw wonder-struck me..a totally different entity from what it used to be some five years ago.The ring roads and now the Metro has changed the posture of the school..much earlier the gate of the school faced the KR Puram railway station but shifted towards the road that leads to Kaggadasapura. Now a large chunk of land being taken for the KR Puram metro station and the metro pillars.

The security staff at the school stopped me and I had to introduce myself and was let in.A well made Tar road resembling a National Highway connects this entry point through and through to the the other gate at Marathalli Ring road. The road passes right infront of the VTC, the Chapel and straight yonder and many buildings have come up on either side and the erstwhile farm is totally obliterated. A canteen has come up down this road from where I had some soft drinks and a dedicated sports complex has come nearby.

I felt bad that the old pristine and rustic campus has given way to a very formal  outfit.

I had a stroll back on the same way and paused in front of the Principals house where even today I can hear the voice of my Mother.As a four year old Mrs. Easterbrook the wife of the then Principal had taken me to this house from the play-ground where I was playing.I was sitting on the dining table and having some food she offered me.My mother came into the campus with lunch for me but was strained to find out I was no where in the school..and some bystander told my mother that Iam in the Principal's house.She came running for me and almost yelled my name from the outside and I came running out of this house thanking Mrs. Eaterbrook. The panic call of my mother is even today vivid in my ears.

Times change and so do people and campuses..and the person who designed the present campus deserves praise for this meticulous outfit.

Monday, October 18, 2021


 There were two students at the Lowry Memorial School from the village Hoodi by name Mohammed Ali and Ismail in the 1970's.Few students came to the school from Whitefeild side ...Kamlesh Mehta( i think was a relative of the owners of Alembic glass company in Whitefeild) was a student at the school though for a brief while..another Swatantra Kumar son of a Cinema Hall owner in Whitefeild to name some..then there was Parminder Singh and his brother. I happenned to remember Muhammad Ali and Ismail...Ismail used to be an exceptional 1500 meters runner winning almost all competitions at many levels.He used to start out slowly and maintain a steady pace through the race.

Hoodi and Whitefeild look so different now...Hoodi was a sleepy village which has now become centre stage of the city and so is the entire stretch to Whitefeild and yonder.

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