Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 Somwarpet is a key town in Kodagu also called Coorg some forty kilometers from Madikeri towards the fringes of the Western Ghats.Not many people know about this small but significant town in Kodagu.It is closer to Kushalnagar than Madikeri  and many aspiring specifically to reach Somwarpet from Bangalore can do so through Kushal Nagar without touching Madikeri.

There is a Muthappan temple in Somwarpet frequented by many and all the austerities conducted in the main temple in Prassinikadavu is also conducted here.Some twenty kilometers trek through the Western Ghat mountains and forest range could take one to Parassinikadavu.In ancient times people took the forest route through the ghats to reach Kodagu which explains the similarities seen between Kodagu and Malabar.

Places like Sakaleshpur and Chickamangalur is accessed from Kodagu through this town and has a simple and elegant KSRTC bus station.