Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The K R Puram railway station has with time become a very important place in bangalore. What used to be a sleepy station for most of the day has become a busy center and the station has become a junction. in the 1970's quite a few trains used to pass this way and most of them worked on steam engines. The brindavan express was the fastest train that used to ply on this route with a deisel engine. This railway line got electrified in the year 2000.

During these times , from the station the old KR puram bridge was visible. This is a narrow bridge built in the 1850 it seems to carry supplies to madras. Over time the K R puram bridge became incapable of handling traffic density with altercations between drivers driving in opposite directions becoming a daily and routine affair. I have used this bridge to go to work on my two wheeler. However a ultra modern cable bridge came up in this place somewhere in 2003.

The KR puram railway station itself grew over these decades from a one platform station to a multi-platform junction. Trains from Bombay and other key Indian cities ply on this route now. Whitefeild station and byappanahalli stations are the adjacent railway stations in the two directions.