Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016


It might sound very interesting. I spent some time in Vijayawada with a company that makes Deflection Yokes in Gannavaram adjacent to the NTTF  Gannavaram.

The head office of this organization is at Mandavelli Chennai. 

I had a room mate here whose name I dont recollect. He is from Chennai. If you happen to read this please get in touch with me.


I have no direct connection between this legend called  Chitti Babu but for his son who was my room mate for one night at Hotel Citizen in Juhu Mumbai.

Perhaps it is in March of 1997, I was Regional Co-ordinator of  Zed Points at Aptech Computer Education in Bangalore and was called to Mumbai and checked into the hotel at around 6pm and was relaxing in my room overlooking the Juhu beach and suddenly the door bell rang and in came a Gentleman who was the Regional Co-ordinator of Zed Points in Chennai region who also told me is the son of  Chitti Babu.It was a nice experience meeting him and later a band of all of us had  a stroll on Juhu beach.

The next day was the conference Chaired by Ganesh Natarajan , Uma Ganesh and Pramod Khera. (Pramod is a first class gentleman in his conduct.).

A portrait of Pramod Khera

After the conference this room mate of mine (The son of Shri Chitti Babu) left that evening and I the next morning. I spent two nights in the hotel and he one.

Some how I happenned to remember him.I think his name is Sayee Chikapally. Contact me Sayee if you can. 

Friday, December 2, 2016


For nearly a month I taught at the Impact Polytechnic at Kodihalli near Bellary road and Hebbal.More precisely in January 1988.It was a nice experience.

Impact literally means  Institute for Manpower Planning and Career Training and is the brain child of Mr.Mathullah a retired Squadron Leader of the Indian Air Force.I used to enjoy a constructive relationship with this man during my stay at this place.He used to drive around in a white Ambassador car.

Recently I was in Vijayanagar and happened to meet a young  Muslim girl who studied Telecommunication at the Impact Engineering College  and immediately remembered about this place.

Mr.Mathullah used to be a creative personality with a lofty mind and always educated people who came into his contact. He had an assistant by name Mr. Chako who also was a retired Air Force person.

I used to teach  Material Science at this place and even remember a student Chankya Vyas.

Thank-You Mr.Mathullah for this oppurtunity and I used to have very long drives in the morning and evening from Doorvaninagar to  Kodihalli and back.There were no Ring Roads during this time.

Thursday, December 1, 2016