Friday, December 20, 2013

Insurance and Risk Management Question papers


Recently I saw the old bridge being demolished. The above is an artist's impression of the old bridge made of limestone compositions built some where in the 1860's. This bridge has been out of service since 2000 AD  and a new cable bridge created after some four years of construction.

The picture above was drawn by me.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The ITI Zoo

Inside the ITI complex there is a Zoo..or at-least it used to be called one. I was enticed into visiting it as a student at school. One afternoon some friends of mine accosted me into believing there was a full time Zoo inside the ITI complex about which I was unaware of....Largely excited about visiting a Zoo at that age embarked upon a mis adventure of missing half day classes at school with the aim of seeing the Zoo.

This Zoo what my cronies were talking about was a thick set of vegetation adjacent to the temple near ITI circle and only had a couple of jackals in few enclosures and nothing more and could be a not so habitable place for a lad...though the entire place looked well-looked-after. Suddenly I found myself in the predicament of whiling away some five hours at a place which was anything but a Zoo.

Basically I was mis led into an adventure that too bunking school for one afternoon. Though there may not be anything very serious about this anecdote there is a lesson in it for Parents and young kids alike around the World ..the possibility of being mis led into something especially during fledgling years only to feel aghast about later..a victim of lack of experience and such instances can have rarely some kind of more serious consequences. Parents must be careful and protect their wards from mischief mongers whose victim some school going child could become a victim of..though prima facie the error would point to a kid who forays into such adventures for no primary fault of his.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The ITI Park

Somewhere in the heart of ITI is the ITI park a very well designed and maintained outfit and a jewel of the township. The entire park would be the size of a football field a part of it called the Children's Park.

The ITI park in many ways was maintained on International lines and would over-look the Chairman;s residence the Chairman's house itself having another park of its own. For many years the ITI park housed many kinds of birds and small animals in enclosures and also had a central dome like structure. For many years there used to be a museum inside the park.

One of the unique features of the ITI park was that it housed many kinds of plants and trees and had a well designed fountain system.

Who ever conceived and designed this park deserves praise and veneration that he thought it befitting to put up such a highly advanced green-spot within an industrial empire.

Friday, December 6, 2013

My experiments with Dramatics at Calicut

Somewhere there are events in my life that I try at times to come to terms such is my foray into dramatics and back. CAMPART was a festival at Rec Cali cut where various student bodies take part and resulting in my being forced to act in a play and basically make a fool of myself. It was in 1985 Manjeet Singh Rekhi offered me and forced me into a role at the last scene I have to come as a Doctor ..sit on a corner chair and laugh for some three minutes..I did it but was not very good..and thereupon came the determination to develop this activity. Rec  Calicut helped me develop myself in various dimensions..Dramatics being one such field the other fields being Yoga, sports and body building.

hotel maharani Calicut

Many of the youth festivals at REC were places where creativity flowed must be seen to be believed. Some plays were just impromptu narrations of some random kind extending for half an hour. Such events would be full of humor largely coming from the spontaneity rather than a well thought-of scripts.

Having failed at my earlier attempt I was looking for a chance to perform better and to some surprise a Kannada association of banks landed up at REC requesting that we do some kind of play at Hotel Maharani at Cali cut..and we rehearsed for it and did a very splendid job and I was a key character in one of the plays. Needless to say REC developed me and us in many ways and such exposures being one such platform. At around 12 in the night we students found ourselves returning from the event and many of the Kannada students..some thirty five in all would remember this..coming to REC through the medical college route.

At the end of the day REC Cali cut of our times left on us some intense impression and blend of skills that came from various quarters. Were they all worth? I have no answer but circumstances of those times swayed me more than anything else into such events..and some where I found in them an opportunity for self development and growth.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


14. DUTIES, POWERS AND FUNCTIONS OF AUTHORITY.--(1)           Subject to the provisions of this Act and any other law for the time being in force, the Authority shall have the duty to regulate, promote and ensure orderly growth of the insurance business and re-insurance business.
(2)           Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions contained in sub-section (1), the powers and functions of the Authority shall include, -
                (a) issue to the applicant a certificate of registration, renew, modify, withdraw, suspend or cancel such registration;
                (b) protection of the interests of the policy holders in matters concerning assigning of policy, nomination by policy holders, insurable interest, settlement of insurance claim, surrender value of policy and other terms and conditions of contracts of insurance;
                (c) specifying requisite qualifications, code of conduct and practical training for intermediary or insurance intermediaries and agents;
                (d) specifying the code of conduct for surveyors and loss assessors;
                (e) promoting efficiency in the conduct of insurance business;
                (f) promoting and regulating professional organisations connected with the insurance and re-insurance business;
                (g) levying fees and other charges for carrying out the purposes of this Act;
                (h) calling for information from, undertaking inspection of, conducting enquiries and investigations including audit of the insurers, intermediaries, insurance intermediaries and other organisations connected with the insurance business;
                (i) control and regulation of the rates, advantages, terms and conditions that may be offered by insurers in respect of general insurance business not so controlled and regulated by the Tariff Advisory Committee under section 64U of the Insurance Act, 1938 (4 of 1938);
                (j) specifying the form and manner in which books of account shall be maintained and statement of accounts shall be rendered by insurers and other insurance intermediaries;
                (k) regulating investment of funds by insurance companies;
                (l) regulating maintenance of margin of solvency;
                (m) adjudication of disputes between insurers and intermediaries or insurance intermediaries;
                (n) supervising the functioning of the Tariff Advisory Committee;
                (o) specifying the percentage of premium income of the insurer to finance schemes for promoting and regulating professional organisations referred to in clause (f);
                (p) specifying the percentage of life insurance business and general insurance business to be undertaken by the insurer in the rural or social sector; and
                (q) exercising such other powers as may be prescribed.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Devabhushan my Kannada tutor in 1975

The Schooling process tossed many challenges, fears and uncertainties to cope up with. One was to pick up reading and writing the Kannada language and at the same time gaining some mastery over it.

I think I fared very badly once in my 5th standard and was appalled and upset. Thankfully help was near as my Father identified a tutor near my house who though being of a telugu origin was conversant with Kannada and there I went for a fairly long period of time to be tutored in the evenings every other day an the results were truly magnificent as my scores improved significantly in the ensuing exam at the school.

The name of this person was DevaBhusan a sturdy and joyful man and his wife. I would be failing in my mannerisms if I do not thank this man and his service he did to me in acting as a prop during this phase. He was more than a teacher and we met often at many places but gradually loosing touch later.

Thank you Mr. DevaBhushan...later on I used to score fairly high at Kannada exams doing very well in the tenth standard exam of the Karnataka board.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Concepts of Insurance

Insurance is a vital sector of any Economy ..without insurance no one will venture into many forms of commercial activities as risks and resulting hazards can create economic havoc. Insurance is defined by many people in many different ways but is a mutual fund entered into by a group of people who share the same risk and risk probability and upon occurrence of the risk damages would be borne by the mutual fund which means that utmost good faith must exist among the constituents of the fund. Utmost good faith is called Uberremei Fedei. Insurance companies act as an agent in organizing the insurance activity.

There are two kinds of insurance contracts. Contracts of Benefit and Contracts of indemnity. Life Insurance policies are contracts of Benefit and General insurance policies are contracts of Indemnity. Indemnity is simply restoration of loss in the event of contingency. There are many kinds of life-insurance policies including pensions and annuities.

Re-insurance , Co-insurance, Subrogation are all certain concepts of insurance. Subrogation prevents unjust enrichment which means the insured can only get one set of claim for damage. Simply said if A and B meet with an accident and the fault is that of B and A gets reimbursement from the Insurance company the right of A to claim for damages ends. He cannot sue B and avail additional damages though the insurance company can sue A. In the event B getting any settlement from A the insurance company can take back the amount paid by the company .

Any general insurance involves covering huge possibility of losses and Co-insurance is some kind of joint insurance between the insured and the insurer. In Re-Insurance it is Insuring the insured..the insurance organization insures itself for some premium with another agency.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two of my visiting cards

Two of  my visiting cards fished out from some brief case..they were some happiest times of my life somewhere

Friday, October 4, 2013

VIJAYANAGAR....The Temple Town of Bangalore

There are many places to reckon with in Bangalore...Indiranagar...Rajajinagar...Jayanagar  etc  and each of these places have their own unique traits or parameters or features whatever one may call it. Some are known more as residential layouts,,some are fast becoming commercial hot-spots and many of these clusters compose what Bangalore is today and the growth of these places have been sporadic and unplanned.

I have been to all these places mentioned above and if one were to ask me which of these places or for that matter that place that I like the most..somewhere the answer would be Vijayanagar..I enjoy driving through this place.

Vijayanagar is one of the places in Bangalore where Kannada is spoken by the entire has a vast cluster of temples and more than anything else it is sylvan  and driving through this place one is largely shielded by the many trees that skirt the roads.

One of the key features is the many temples around and also the business that happens at this place during festive seasons..more so the Hindu festivals. Flower markets..vegetable markets...fruit vendors .....textiles..all come alive here in unison during Hindu festivals. Not to forget that Vijayanagar  is a residential locality in its own right. Every 50 meters one sees a temple in this area starting with the Iskcon temple atop the hilly slope and as one moves downwards a host of small and big temples and note that some or the event pre-occupies these  temples  almost every other day.

Anyone who wishes to visit Vijayanagar can approach it from Majestic through the Magadi road or the Mysore road or even from the Tumkur road.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Heat Engines Lab at NIT Calicut

Many students who studied at NIT would definitely remember this lab. The only lab in NIT that makes noise when the engines inside work, There must be some reasons why I remember this Lab..largely because the lab report I made for this lab was  some kind of a masterpiece and many of my juniors were crazy about it.

In the third semester of our course we had a Mechanical Engineering lab..which was a composite of Heat Engines..Fluid Mechanics.....and Hydraulics. The Hydraulics part of it could not be done as the lab was jeopardized in a student strike around this time. The heat Engines lab had many engines like the 20 HP Kirloskar engine....a Ambassador Engine..and a reciprocating compressor.

I remember the exam we had for this lab where-in I got the experiment on a 20 HP kirloskar engine which I did very well.  I think Dr. Aboo Backer was incharge of the viva .

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013


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My neice Shreya on the right

This is photo taken in Dunlap Peoria USA somewhere in August 2013 at play home PALS. To the left is the class mate of my neice  GRACE

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Not far from my home,
on taking a little roam,
a vast stretch of land,
with buildings well planned.

My mother crossed the rail and road,
to get me and my brother  on time aboard,
many a time she brought us lunch,
finding us in a some student's bunch.

Oh let there be thanks to heavens above,
that thrust me into this schools love,
as i yelled and rejoiced in its precincts,
over a long decade's stint.

There was laughter, there was pain,
there was running, there was game,
there were classes and exam,
and playing in the farm.

At times I stood at the school's gate,
wondering why my father was late,
somwhere beyond seeing his trace,
bounty of joy lights  up my face.

Some wandering saint put up this place,
long before I was born,
an edifice of inner grace,
never making one feel forlorn.

There was'nt academic pressure,
of learning there was treasure,
they taught us principles of life,
to avoid future strife.

Counsel was regular, not to drink or smoke,
they said it could lead to stroke,
they taught us temperance,
which we followed ever since and hence.

Then I have seen many a school,
they go by the law and rule.
terror in the face of the child,
all behave with him wild.

Then I have seen many a school,
crampled room and stair,
pushed around like a mule,
with very little care.

There was a meery go round in the corner,
a large farm yonder,
rock solid buildings in the crux,
and many a tree in the flux.

Sometimes in an awry mood;
I take a stroll through the school for good,
flashes  of lightning of days bygone,
fill my mood like an old ballad or song.

As I ride on the road beside,
inadvertently take a look inside,
my hands bow with reverence,
for education received within its fence.

Twenty hundred students at that time,
all dressed in uniform,
multitude of young humanity,
at any time you could see.

There was a downwell in the farm,
beside an old jumblem tree,
farm and sprinklers beside,
with a grove of oaks aside.

Why doth I write of my school long bygone,
for most have gone to one such place,
but as i look at Lowry Memorial School with hindsight,
feelings galore that they did things right,
nay, with students they weren't partisan,
crafting minds with skill of an artisan,
appreciate the larger context in life they said,
at the same time needing to be well read,
never miss the spirit of joy,
when one is a little boy.
from that spirit comes a larger verve,
to face life with every nerve,
hidden deep is a sullen faith,
into which i often bathe.
and uprise every now and then.
as this world tosses me as a writing pen.
emerging with a stronger face,
some lingering skill handed down by this place.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Somewhere in 1992 I made a surprise visit to Calicut for some documentation work at the Calicut University. I had noticed some mistake in the totaling of marks and got it corrected by the University. Calicut had changed from what I saw in 1986 but the morning weather was pleasant and I went to my local contact capt. Srinivasan at the Zila Sainik Welfare board and stayed there..meeting Capt. Srinivasan that emotional meeting of having seen him after a long hiatus. Anoop the son of my uncle was studying medicine at calicut at that time and he joined us that evening and we had a stroll all over Calicut.

Few days down the line I went to the home town of Capt. Srinivasan..Meppayur and stayed there for a few days.It was a memorable few days ..the geography of this place was not well known to me then but now I understand it better. Meppayur is a town almost at the foot of he western ghat wonder the bus takes a right turn at Koilandy and goes deep inland crossing few rivers in the process and reaching this place.I found a very silent hamlet in meppayur at that time barring few buses that travel into this place occasionally..there was TV which was the only source of entertainment.

Why I chose to write about these events would be a welcome gesture. I just remembered this place out of the blue. What I did the following day was truly an act of temerity. Climb the mountain in the rear of the house which must be few thousand feet and reaching the pinnacle and thereafter having a look at the huge stretch of mountains that looked yonder.What a sight...what I saw ahead was probably  the Karnataka state ahead.

The following day both of us set out early and chose to cross the river by boat..and what happenned there after was amusing having to cling on to the edge of a jeep for some ten kilometers to reach  Koilandy..this was a risky journey in  many ways as the jeep was driven very fast with quick swirls.

So much so about Meppayur..the whole place must have changed now ..a peaceful hamlet with large houses and the serenity of this place is worth tonnes in gold.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Dr.Rajkumar is a distinguished personality  in  this part of the world and a true artist par excellence who maintained an austere life-style and at the same time ensnared and enchanted audiences in the Kannada language for more than four decades donning various kinds of roles with great ease and single handedly driving his cinemas into success.

I dont know what much I can write about this man as his achievements as an actor is written in gold in the minds of people of Karnataka state and to my mind the world is yet to see an actor of his stature who had looks,talent, charm and enigma and who took all these titles upon himself without much fanfare and ado and went about the world of acting with versatility and a broad spectrum of roles.THERE IS NO MAN IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF CINEMA WHO HAD ALL THESE BUNDLED IN ONE. Not to forget he was also a singer par excellence.

I had met Dr. Rajkumar twice ; once on the sets of the film Purushottama produced by Madhu Bangarappa inside the Graphite India plant and thereafter at the Muhurat of  Gandugali Kumararama produced by Dr. M R Pattabhiram. I have met his sons at various instances.

What makes Dr. Rajkumar special. One...he was a distinguished hero...second..he played character roles with equal ease and was a high performer as an actor....third...even at an advanced age with marginal make-up he looked very young...he could dance with alacrity...he could emote well....fourth...he appears to me to have done risky shots by himself..for example in Gandada Gudi he climbs on the tusk of an elephant for a shoot..fifth...he never acted in any language other than kannada....sixth ...he sang in the films for himself...seventh...though not an emotional person per-se he could do romantic roles with great ease....eighth..there are few actors who can take a long shot without difficulty in that he could go on with dialogues for a longer duration without cut........nine...he never cherished political ambitions and did not try to capitalize his position in politics for he knew he was not cut for it...ten...he has sung many songs that would put many trained singers in the shade;  Dr. Rajkumar you were truly special.

One aspect of Dr. Rajkumar is truly special to me ..though a enigma at an young age he did not get anywhere embroiled in any controversy with any heroine of his time and chose to get married as a normal individual of his times and kept his private life largely private.

When will the state of Karnataka see another man of his stature ?  This is a moot question that must be going in the minds of the many film goers of this state.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am  fascinated some times by the KSRTC Kerala buses..they can be seen all over Kerala and also on the highways connecting neighbouring cities. What fascinates me the most is that most of these buses are old by normal standards but do a stupendous service on most lines they are pressed into service sometimes negotiating difficult terrains with ease.

Sometime back I was listening to Ganesh Iyer CEO of Caterpillar at Leela Palace in Bangalore where he was talking about Re-Manufacturing ..a fairly remarkable topic for modern times and these buses to me are some kind of case studies at Re-Manufacturing.

Not that other state corporations do not  use old buses but very few would have a preponderant majority of the buses of this kind and yet run the services with little disruption. I must also record that one of my journey's by KSRTC(kerala) AC bus from Calicut to Bangalore was awful  with the AC making a heavy noise and the whole journey was far from pleasant.  May I also add deep appreciation for the staff of KSRTC(Karnataka) whom I have many times observed repairing buses that have broken down with alacrity and dedication  sometimes at locations which were inhospitable....the bond that KSRTC (Karnataka) drivers show for their buses is to be seen to be believed.

It would be a welcome gesture if practitioners of Operations and Engineering would make some kind of a study on the Kerala RTC buses to appreciate and assess the methodologies applied at Maintenance which could be a lesson and input to bus corporations around the world.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Teachers at Sathya Sai College of our times.

I studied for two years at the Sathya Sai Arts Science and Commerce College. When I went into studying my Pre-university I had a major issue ..mainly the choice of the second language. Physics; Chemistry ; Mathematics and Biology were the core subjects along with English. All along through my schooling I had taken Kannada as my second language but many advised me not to take Kannada at the pre-university level as it was tough and less scoring.. The only other alternative was to take Sanskrit and the advantage was that the exam could be written in English.

I went with an application for change of language and permission to attend the sanskrit class to the principal Mr. Narender and the letter was written by my father requesting the principal that the language be changed. I remember at the first instance my father had forgotten to sign the letter at the bottom and the Principal awkwardly threw the letter on the table asking that I get the signature of my father which I did the following day. The principal signed the letter and asked me to meet Mr. Kulkarni who was the head of  Kannada department..and to my joy he consented and I landed up that afternoon in the class of Shri Chandrashekar who used to teach Sanskrit and was very enthusiastic and selfless in the manner in which he taught Sanskrit.

Table Tennis was a very important past time in this college. You could buy a TT ball Chinese made Sheild for Rs. 2/- from the sports room which was managed by Mr. Ravishankar and we used to run to the TT room where there were three tables. Anantanarayanan and Stanley were my school mates who were  contemporaries at the Sathya Sai College and both of them were in the Commerce stream. I never knew how to play TT and I picked up the game here.

In the first year PKS used to teach Chemistry and If I have not forgotton fully his name is P K Somasunder.....PN  P Nagaraj   and Gangadhariah used to teach Physics.....H R Ravi; H K Nagaraj  and H N Mahendra Raja Urs used to teach Mathematics...Mr. Chandrashekar  and Ganesh Kamath used to teach Sanskrit...the Principal Mr. Narender and Mr. Sudarshan used to teach English  and TSS T S Subramaniam  and H R Venkatesh used to teach Biology and another person whose name I do not recollect used to teach Zoology.

Mr Krishna Murthy used to teach English in the Second Year..and Mr, Hegde  Physics in the Second year, Mr Narahari Chemistry in the second year.

Sandeep Gangolli ; Santosh, Shailendra Khare ; Sanjay Dawar; Mrityunjaya; Deepak Sachdev; Satish Kini; Sai Krishna Rao; Guru Kiran; Nandan Bal; Shweth Kumar; Srikanta Swamy are all class mates and accomplices I remember at this place. Santosh ; Sanjay Dawar and myself went to NIT"S for higher education..Santosh to NIT Allahabad.....Sanjay Dawar to NIT Bhopal ..and myself to Calicut. This is the Guru Kiran who directs music in Kannada film industry.

One of the key attractions of the Sathya Sai College of our times was a Python attached to the Zoology department held in a cage near-by and students used to find joy tormenting it and in a fit of rage the snake used to make a bolt or a menacing advance in an act of flight ending at the fence of the railings of the cage..many a times students used to enjoy such taunting . Even otherwise there used to be a water tap near the cage of the snake and any one walking towards the tap always took a more than concerned look at the snake.

Monday, June 24, 2013





...The above is a KSTDC  bus..KSTDC means  KARNATAKA STATE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. It has an office at George Oakes Building  near City Market opposite BBMP at N R Square. The word George Oakes would need some research as to what transpired in this building in Victorian days..apparently it must have been some kind of a trading office.This building is also called Badami House.Contact Phone - ( 080) 4334 4334

This KSTDC bus station fills me with nostalgia..there used to be a KSTDC bus to CALICUT in the late 1980.s only to be discontinued later and I have traveled by these buses many times and the Calicut buses were largely luxurious and comfortable. One good thing to my observation  is that these buses are never late .

On the 14th of August 1986 I was travelling from Calicut to Bangalore in a KSTDC bus....there was a junior male student alongside and Sheela Furtado and a junior architecture female student who lived somewhere near Cox town were seated in the front seats. Somewhere as the bus approached the Bandipur forests trucks and buses approaching from the opposite direction were constantly warning us of a lone tusker somewhere adjacent to the road. Many a times I have encountered Elephants on this route in the day-time but this was in the night around 2 -o-clock and I being of a more inquisitive variety moved into the drivers cabin and could see the tusker on the road almost into half of the road but the driver of the bus who appeared to be adept to such occurrences did not halt but deviated around the elephant in a quick swirl and sped ahead.

I must have traveled by these buses many times..and remember learning to draw a pin-type insulator sitting in the waiting hall of this bus station and noting to my charm that the same question appeared in the Drawing Exam next morning.

I don't know how the Services are now...KSTDC regularly conducts various kinds of tours. Please visit the web site      and travelling by them at-least once is worth-the-while.


Monday, June 17, 2013


I hope this diagram is clear..please click it to see an enlarged view.

Nothing has created so much ado as the Six Sigma Quality system or Six Sigma Quality control procedure. But everything said and done Six Sigma has its origin in basic statistics.

One of the earliest Statistical procedures is the Histogram ...drawn using Class Intervals and Frequency ultimately leading to an Ogive and the most interesting aspect of these curves is that they are hill-shaped curves.

Such curves have given rise to a Normal Distribution..and the shape of the curve suggests that in a random population it is Normal to see the data distributed around the mean as seen in this distribution which can be expressed mathematically as it comprises of a combination of exponentially increasing and decreasing functions.


What is a Standard  Normal  Curve..its area under the curve is 1 and has equal areas on either side of the Mean..this curve is what six sigma is based.Note the above indicates the area exterior to the sigma levels.

Simply said under 1 sigma the area exterior to the level is 31.74 % and the area interior to the 1 sigma level is 100-31.74 = 68.26 %.

One of the preliminary methods of implementing Six Sigma is bench marking a quality system just to understand at what level the system operates at any given point in time. If there are 10 defective products every 10,000 it translates to roughly 1000 defects per million or from the above table a 3.3 sigma level.Now the task is to boost it to a six sigma level.

There is an interesting fact about Six sigma in it that from the above table it can be inferred that at six sigma it translates to 2 defects per billion.....Billion is not accepted as an exchange rate or yardstick of measurement and hence the concept of 1.5 sigma shift..which is 4.5 sigma..where we get 3.4 defects per million..and this is the refernce along which six sigma works.

The best of the quality systems under normal circumstances may be working at 3 sigma which is 2700 defects per million an unacceptable level..which means that (100 - 0.27)   99.73 % of the products are with lower and upper tolerance level of quality and implementing six sigma simply means that increasing the peak of the current normal curve to the extent of bringing many more of the defective components lying beyond this area within the tolerance fold so that the defects would be so miniscule to the extent of 3.4 defects per million an acceptable quality standard for at least most manufacturing situations.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013



The  above is a standard diagram of INVENTORY CONTROL  and  EOQ  called  ECONOMIC  ORDER  QUANTITY  and such diagrams are discussed at various levels.

The concept of EOQ is one of the basis on which Inventory Control is studied and carried out in practical situations and the many kinds of Inventory models that have come up of-late do have their basis on concepts like this.

Inventory planning is influenced by two kinds of conflicting forces..the Carrying cost  and the Ordering cost.The carrying cost would be the rent you would pay for a store house and add to it labor costs and material handling costs......Ordering cost also called procurement cost is the cost of bringing an item into a ware-house and would involve transport cost and associated labor and any transis warehousing and communication costs.

If procurement costs are high then the EOQ will be high  and if Carrying costs are low  EOQ will be high..and EOQ is a trade-off in terms of volume ordered at any point in time which would keep the cumulative of these  costs low.

Consider the following steps that are used to derive an expression for EOQ;

Cc is carrying cost per item per year
Cp is procurement cost per order
A is total demand per year
Q is EOQ  Economic Order Quantity  (half of which is Average Inventory)






THEREBY WE GET  EOQ  =   SQRT  (2 A Cp / Cc)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sandeep M Gangolli

This is Sandeep  Murlidhar only friend and confidant at the Sathya Sai Arts Science and Commerce College...basically a very intelligent person..I used to like him a lot. Both of us used to play Table Tennis in the TT room of  SSASCL. He studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT Manipal and has been with L and T .

We have not met after our college years and I was on his trail for many years and tracked him on Face Book.We will be meeting shortly for sure..on earlier occasions some last minute hiccup came in between.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


This is a photograph of mine taken somewhere in 2005..I can be seen on the extreme left and in the front, one can see Dr. M R JAYARAM  Chairman of GEF on the front extreme the middle is Mr. Narayana Murthy of  Infosys  and in the extreme left is Capt. Gopinath of Deccan Airways.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


When I was in the first year at REC NIT Calicut  there was a student from New Delhi who was my class mate. After an year he went to IIT Delhi leaving NIT Calicut and both of us used to sit in the front bench. His name was Sundaram  a tamilian brought up in New Delhi.

For some reason Sundaram was somewhere a good friend of mine ,,basically a person of high intellectual disposition and used to walk much faster than others..sometimes reading books while waiting for a bus or standing in a queue in a theater.

During his stint at REC he wrote the IIT entrance and got some 400th rank and relocated to IIT Delhi to study Electrical Engineering.

Get in touch with me Sundaram if you still remember me and have some inclination.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I had visited this University sometime back  and remember these lawns and happened to run through them because of the rain. There is a nice coffee shop in the ground floor and very fondly remember the coffee I had here and the very enthusiastic waitress who attended to me in this Cafe.

SMU is supposed to be a reputed University in Asia. I remember Sherry  Yeo Win Chin  a staff at this University whom I had met in the second floor. I wanted to meet Mr. John Davis an an academic here but I was unsuccessful as he was not around. YMCA of Singapore is very close to this place. I was staying at a hotel in Little India and used to walk all the way to this University.

Howard Hunter was the president of this University at that time and he has written a book on 'Modern Contract law"

In the Singapore Airport I met a person Johan Boedianto an Articial Intelligence Engineer working for a German firm I think he was headed for Germany. I tried to contact Johan much later but was not successful. He seemed to me an interesting person.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Nearly  2,500 years ago an young lad from Greece from the province of macedon to be precise traveled some 6000 kilometers in conquest leaving modern day Greece and travelling Eastwards and is stopped on the banks of the river Jhelum  called Hydaspes by the Greeks by Puru Singh alias Porus who might be of Rajput  descent and ancestry. On his way back he is dead by poisoning in Babylon in modern day Iraq possibly after drinking poisoned wine apparently administered by some of his evil Generals who were more experienced in the mannerisms of life that a gullible lad would be worsted in the most devious of ways so that they could partake of the vast empire a good part of it later becoming the Roman Empire.

This is Alexander for you also called Sikander or Iskander ...most popularly known as ALEXANDER THE GREAT  for his single ability at twisting imminent defeat into victory and not having lost any war in the bargain.

Apparently  Alexander is the  son of Phillippe of  Macedon and his fourth wife Olympias. Alexander had a sharp mind at studying cause-effect which he depicts at a very young age. An Arabian trader brings a weird looking horse to Phillipe of Macedon and offers to sell it for ten talents..a talent being an equivalent of few coins of gold the trader having finished his work at the market place trading horses thought of selling his last spoil to the Emperor itself. Not many would want to buy the horse for there was something weird about its looks a head larger than most horses. However Phillipe volunteered to buy and tried to mount the horse but the horse would aleniate itself frightened of something. It was an embarassing moment snubbed bya horse. Phillipe calls for his Military generals and not many could do anything to embark the horse and the Arabian trader awry at the sight of things dcides to withdraw the horse...but the young lad Alexander barely eleven years of age notices the horse is uncomfortable with something..its own shadow and when someone comes to mout the horse the horse sees the shadow of both the man and itself and feels endangered. Understand the situation the morning sun hitting the back of the horse would leave a large shadow ahead and the horse was a witness of the shadow. Alexander pleads with his father that he be let to tame the horse. Alexander made th horse face the sun and within moments mounted the horse. Ever since this  horse formed a very important part of Alexander's life and brought him good fortune. he named it BUCEPHALUS  which in Greek would translate into OX-HEAD ..Bux  means OX   and Phalus means Head  in Greek.

His father Philippe is delighted at the skill of his son and exclaims....FIND MY SON A KINGDOM MUCH LARGER THAN MACEDON TO RULE FOR MACEDON  IS TOO SMALL FOR YOU....It appears to me that this exclamation from his father spurred Alexander to conquer the known world of that time and went about it in adulthood.

Murders were an important component of Greek life of these times. Phillipe of Macedon is murdered in cold blood by  one who dashes at him with a sword one evening when he on his way entering a large hall of those times for some happening....Philippe married many times and made many enemies including his own son for his wanton acts and the military generals decide to appoint Alexander the king after many parleys and Olympias has a very stern hand in supporting the cause of his son who was adored by the military of Macedon. Alexander barely out of his teens well trained and tutored for his times finds himself king..spirited in many ways and despicable in others the lad who had a weakness for drinks but respected women found himself forced into being the king of Macedon. Note that murders went on to become an important component of Roman life too..Ceasar was stabbed in similar fashion in Rome and many Roman kings escaped attempts on their lives.

The route that Alexander took must be 7000 kilometers in all ....largely subduing many kings and chieftains on his way to India chasing many marauders and ultimately reaching the river Indus and signalling Porus to surrender who on the contrary opted to fight..and thus the BATTLE OF HYDASPES..a very closely fought combat between an Indian ruler and Alexander largely forcing Alexander to call-off his adventures at this point. Alexander for the first time encounters war elephants which he had not seen before..each of these elephants well trained at goring enemy horses and infantry. The greek horses failed to advance out of fear at seeing these enormous beasts who menacingly stampeded everything that came on its way. Wars in those days were a day to day affair with the nights sensing calm and the combat resuming the following day and is an ultimate show of strength. Here comes the greatness of Alexander !  he pulled the cavalry back and made columns of soldiers called Phalanx  ...a rectangular array of soldiers of say 20 people arranged in rhythm to hurt the goring elephant with spears and shrapnel and the fate of the war change. At the same time in the secret of the night the cavalry is transferred downstream in the flow of the river and the cavalry attacking the enemy from the side and the strategy worked..Porus himself falling and hurting himself and the favourite horse of Alexander Bucephalus 
dead..Alexander neutralised the elephants and narrowly won the war and asked for Porus who was brought to him limping from a wound and the meeting was not among a victor and a vanquished as thought by many but was one among two people who respected each other for their skills. Alexander himself was taken aback by the loss of Bucephalus and asked Porus  how he would like to be treated..Porus said as a king ....Porus was given dominion over his territory but was made a vassal of the Greeks. On the banks of the river Jhelum Alexander made the city Alexandria Bucephalus in honour of the horse who well served him and was a joy of his childhood..the city of Phalia today in the Punjab province of Pakistan..Alexander makes his return journey partially by sea using the Arabian sea to touch Arabia and thereafter into Babylon where he is murdered.

The vast Greek empire of this time initiated the greed of his Generals who thought it wise to rule parts of them and they saw Alexander as a hindrance..and getting rid of the young Alexander would not be a difficult task as he treasured and trusted would not be difficult to poison him using one of the moles who served the king..a slow acting one and with the physicians back at Macedon medical advice would be too late to arrive. There was a Greek general of this time Bacterius and the word Bacteria appears to surface from his name for some evil foreign particle.This is the Greeks and their affairs of the bygone era. Greed for power, land, wine and women all ran in their blood in that order.

Alexander was sick for many days. He had a passion for his forces and led from the front and had the lethal ability of creating a blend and bond with his soldiers..largely briefing them before a battle and that is what Alexander did during his last his soldiers one by one in Babylon sleeping on his couch and waving as the vast number of his soldiers walked past him. What was he poisoned with? possibly herbs in the drinks which he possibly took celebrating his adventures and victory.

Thus there was a large Greek empire along this stretch for many years and every one wanted to be the king and deceit and counter deceit was the order of the day and the empire shrinks into many reasonably sizable bits and possibly lasted for few decades.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nuri Roel

This is NURI ROEL friend of mine in Peru and a civil engineer by profession.

Monday, April 29, 2013


The above as a student of Sathya Sai Arts Science and Commerce College...the sign on the photograph is of Shri D Narender who was the principal at that time and used to teach English very well.

The photograph below is the one when I graduated from REC Calicut.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Economies and their various Sources

There are various kinds of economies in this world...let me see if  I can identify ten    of them;

This is a very often spoken about Economy. As the scale increases the cost of manufacturing per product comes down.This is the essence of  Fordism where larger quantity mass manufactured resulted in lesser per capita costs. Economies of Scale appears to be one of the larger ethos on which the economies of countries operate.Larger the population the better for a country that can benefit from scale economies.

This kind of an economy can be attributed to high capital involvements ...Instead of making capital investments any bulk equipment can be shared among few constituents.This creates economies.In my view point a family is an ideal setting where economies of scope can be seen in abundance. What is the meaning of Economy? it simply means you get in simple terms commercial benefits accruing due to certain specific environmental realities.


Such Economies exist from shapes and sizes of equipment's that are largely transitory in nature or in a kinetic situation. For example fuel economy of a car comes r is dependent on the shape of the car. Design might involve more complex situations and technologies and the word shape would just refer to peripheral appearance  All economies have a very distinct characteristic in that they are marginal every day benefits that add into a large scale outcome over-time.

Economies of relationships are the economies that follow as a result of long standing and harmonious relationships. Relationships can be of very different kinds but largely commences as a  transactional  one and finally graduating into a strategic one there by giving economic advantages of various sorts in the bargain largely evolving from the rules of comparative advantage. In simple terms if the relations between two countries is one of harmony there will be various kinds of economies that emerge from Relationships.


Routing by itself will single handedly dictate Economies in the world of today and it will only intensify with time. Increasingly humanity is on a trail of exploring shorter routes between points on the globe. The principle of routing is that a shorter route and a better route always exists between any two points. The world of tomorrow depends largely on Economies of route. Good routing improves temporal  and spatial proximity.

A  simple example of  Economies of Technology is the use of Deisel engine in a car as against petrol engine.Technologies and their research contributes to Economy..and technologies keep changing frequently.Appropriate Technology is a terminology coined to indicate any given technology that is apt under a given set of circumstances.

Methodology is a series of steps that are used in any process that involves "state" conversion. There can be many different methodologies for any given situation and some methodologies are more economical than the other given some environmental conditions at any point of time. the essence of "Economies of methodology" is that appropriate methodology must be utilized vis-a-vis the situation.


Design is a very important component of life and a logical activity and note that any design cn be improved and with that comes economies of various kinds like power saving and saving of space. Design requires ingenuity and is a formal branch of study and experience.

Any activity conducted at different geographical locations have different economies and returns by the very nature of the location and would add up to what is called  Economies of Geography.Over a period of time operations must be activated at zones of highest geographical economies.


Economies of Partnership is similar to a Doubles tennis match where the burden of executing some job is shared in some proportion between partners who work in unison and some understanding. Economics of Partnership is a symbiotic relationship and can exixt within organizations and among organizations.

Economies of Investments occur when the investments for a particular venture were created when the given conditions were not of high demand but demand picks up very quickly in a short period of time and the entry barrier for any new investor is very higher..there is Economies of Investment.There can be many examples of Economies of Investment.


There are many ways to look at Economies of Maturity. Whenever a product becomes old and is still operational with some minimum investments into its maintenance we have economies of maturity. A forty year old car which is running has a market value which is the fraction of a new car but the very fact that the car does the work it should be doing the Economies of maturity is the difference between the price of a new car and the price of the old car which is phenomenal.