Friday, December 6, 2013

My experiments with Dramatics at Calicut

Somewhere there are events in my life that I try at times to come to terms such is my foray into dramatics and back. CAMPART was a festival at Rec Cali cut where various student bodies take part and resulting in my being forced to act in a play and basically make a fool of myself. It was in 1985 Manjeet Singh Rekhi offered me and forced me into a role at the last scene I have to come as a Doctor ..sit on a corner chair and laugh for some three minutes..I did it but was not very good..and thereupon came the determination to develop this activity. Rec  Calicut helped me develop myself in various dimensions..Dramatics being one such field the other fields being Yoga, sports and body building.

hotel maharani Calicut

Many of the youth festivals at REC were places where creativity flowed must be seen to be believed. Some plays were just impromptu narrations of some random kind extending for half an hour. Such events would be full of humor largely coming from the spontaneity rather than a well thought-of scripts.

Having failed at my earlier attempt I was looking for a chance to perform better and to some surprise a Kannada association of banks landed up at REC requesting that we do some kind of play at Hotel Maharani at Cali cut..and we rehearsed for it and did a very splendid job and I was a key character in one of the plays. Needless to say REC developed me and us in many ways and such exposures being one such platform. At around 12 in the night we students found ourselves returning from the event and many of the Kannada students..some thirty five in all would remember this..coming to REC through the medical college route.

At the end of the day REC Cali cut of our times left on us some intense impression and blend of skills that came from various quarters. Were they all worth? I have no answer but circumstances of those times swayed me more than anything else into such events..and some where I found in them an opportunity for self development and growth.

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