Thursday, March 23, 2017

An incident in my hostel room D - 312 NIT Calicut

Somewhere in early 1986  an untoward thing happened in my hostel room D -312.Incidentally my neighbors at D 312 were Girijesh Prasad Pandey to my left, Sanal Kumar to my right and PVK Mohan in the room opposite to mine. Girijesh used to do Yoga every morning.

What happened was that I lit an incense stick around 6pm in the evening ..stuck it into the wall..and then went downstairs for some work leaving my room open. When I returned to my alarm I found Indradeep Singh dousing a small fire in my room. Indradeep was apparently returning from a bath and noticed some fumes from my room and instantly doused it with the little water that was laft in his bucket. I was aghast when I returned and was upset for many days.

What had happened was this. The fiery droppings from the incense stick that I had lit had dropped on a banian that was on a string below setting the banian on fire. What a freak and un-predictable event. Luckily Indradeep saved the day because of his presence of mind. Thanks to you Indradeep even after so many years.

People who stay in hostels more precisely students must take note of this incident and take adequate care in their rooms.


Saturday, March 18, 2017



In  1983  whn I was a student at  the erstwhile REC Calicut  my cousin from my father’s side Dr.P K Mukundan joined the Calicut Medical College to do his second MD at the Calicut Medical College.I remember meeting him the morning at the Calicut Medical College the day he joined his MD program.Incidentally he did his MBBS FROM Calicut Medical College and his first MD from the Vallabhai Chest Institute New Delhi. I used to meet him in the PG hostel of the Calicut Medical College often and would also meet some ofhis friends at the hostel few of whom were from Karnataka state. The wife of Dr.P K Mukundan is the neice of KPR Nambiar the Joint Managing Director of BPL.

For good or bad his MD at the Calicut Medical College went into rough weather with some deliberate attempts to fail him and he filing a case and finally winning it on being exonerated by the Courts and the MD degree awarded.It is sad that the system sometimes goes against though un-canningly on deserving individuals.

Recently I happened to meet him in Cannanore Kannur and he is a Professor of Medicine and even visits Mysore as an examiner.

There is an interesting anecdote. Somewhere in 1985 SV Giri  my batch mate at REC Calicut developed some rashes on his skin. This was appalling as it had spread over the whole body. From the hostel office of REC I spoke to Dr.Mukundan and Giri left that evening to the Calicut Medical College taking his reference. He was admitted there. The next morning I visited the Calicut Medical College and found him admitted in the ward.  No sooner Dr. Mukundan came to the ward and said there was nothing to worry and also conferred with the other doctors treating Giri. I think Giri was discharged the next morning.This was a help Dr. Mukundan did. In retrospect the rashes could have appeared because of some water or food related issue.

In many ways Dr.Mukundan is unique in the way he treats patients – less of complicated medicines and a subtle understanding of the disease. Such an approach is characteristic of his approach which has made him endearing to patients.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017





Film Actor Vineeth and myself photo

There is an interesting link between Vineeth and myself. He is the grandson of  the brother of my Grand Father Edakalon Karunakaran Nambiar who used to be called as DMO.My mother used to often talk about her uncle this DMO and Vineeth is the son of the daughter of this man Dr.Shantha.

One of the earliest movies of his was Nakakshathangal which I saw in 1985 or so when I was a student at Kozhikode and thereafter a movie called Kadalan when on a Kerala tour at Thekkady I think in 1997.He is defanitely a good dancer and actor.

I thought it necessary to put him on the blog.Vineeth if you get to see this blog and feel like contacting me you can do so.