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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Few months back I had gone to Payyanur to attend a wedding in my Brother-in-law's family.Payyanur is some thirty kilometers from Cannanore known as Kannur in the vernacular.I met Hari Kishore who is an IAS officer at the wedding.Later I came to know from some sources he was the previous director of Tourism and presently with Kudumbashree project. He is from the family circles of my Brother-in-Law A K Santosh. It was nice chatting with him.

I came to know from him that he studied Mechanical Engineering from Kannur Engineering College and later did his Masters in Metallurgy from an IIT. As an Engineering graduate he would bring problem solving skills as a bureaucrat.

In the above photograph Hari Kishore can be seen standing at extreme left. I think I can recognise the lady officer standing in the middle as Mrs Vasuki Kuppu who is the collector at Trivandrum.Mr. Hari Kishore had earlier served as Collector at Pathanamthitta district. Mrs. Vasuki I think hails from Chennai and is a product of the Madras Medical College.

All these people are undoubtedly the modern face of Indian Bureaucracy which is getting like always highly academically groomed people with a positive outlook.It is nice to note that Mrs. Vasuki has mastered the Malayalam language and speaks it with lucidity. They defanitely have the inner resources and ability to put in hard work for the progress of this fast progressing country,