Monday, May 30, 2016

NARAYANAN the elder brother of my father is dead photo

The elder brother of my Father  Narayanan  passed away in the early hours of 28th May 2016 at Cherukunnu in Cannanore. He was ailing for some time...and around eighty in age..being a bachelor was staying with his nephew Chandran at the above place.

Diminutive in posture..soft spoken by nature...a leg work enthusiast..he guided it appears to me his siblings and other dependants all through his life and was a binding and moral force.He ran a bus company with two buses and also held official positions in the motor and transport industry.

On receiving this message in the morning of 28th my father decided to leave for Cannanore and my brother doing a good job at arranging a call taxi..P K Ravindran a Bangalore based nephew of my father also accompanied us.

We left from here at 10Am and took a deviation at the bypass at Srirangapattana on Mysore road to Honsur to Gonikoppal to Irrity to Thaliparamba via Dharmasala to  Cherukunnu.It was 6:10 PM when we arrived and the body was kept just for our arrival.

There after  The nephews of my father P K Janardhanan...P K Chandran..P K Ravindran Father and myself were present at the cremation site ....and as the body burnt among the logs of woods there was a  Thunder Shower with frequent thunder signalling possibly that the heavens were giving a 24 gun salute to a man who strived to serve his family members sometimes at his own cost.