Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Thou swirl around the Globe,
in a red glowing robe,
spreading warmth and light,
a hearth at a distant height.

Working with diligence and schedule,
as-if following a heavenly rule,
aiding life and living,
for all mankind in the giving.

For ages You have done this duty,
to all mankind for free,
Earth glimmers with life and spree,
all kinds of life, even the tree.

A hide-and-seek at its best,
to take a short rest,
You hide behind the cloud,
To burst out again from the shroud.

You comprise of many rays,
professional science says,
a benefactor at a distant place,
with’over the world a blessed gaze.

There are many Sun’s in the Galaxy,
that light up the firmament,
but You are the most benevolent,
warming the Earth, Forests’ and Sea.

Warriors waited for You to rise,
To shout the battle cry,
Battles with fury that comprise
That saw the enemy fly.

Many stretch in the beach,
To adorn Your glowing grace,
Your warmth they beseech,
At slow and medium pace.

In the night You send the moon,
after You set; almost very soon,
glimmering light in the darkness,
helping many cross the wilderness.

The Aryans worshipped you as God,
For the Romans a guiding force
And many in your stretches bowed,
So has every human race.

Oh!  Who put you up there you Sun,
and your timeless run,
glittering the world,
half at a time,
moving around tirelessly
in an incomprehensible melee,
with a rare and steady rhythm,
with no noise or hum,
very few look up to the sky
as you steadily fry
the world into action,
the land hills and ocean,
man has only felt the living God, are the visible Lord.