Monday, June 3, 2013


I had visited this University sometime back  and remember these lawns and happened to run through them because of the rain. There is a nice coffee shop in the ground floor and very fondly remember the coffee I had here and the very enthusiastic waitress who attended to me in this Cafe.

SMU is supposed to be a reputed University in Asia. I remember Sherry  Yeo Win Chin  a staff at this University whom I had met in the second floor. I wanted to meet Mr. John Davis an an academic here but I was unsuccessful as he was not around. YMCA of Singapore is very close to this place. I was staying at a hotel in Little India and used to walk all the way to this University.

Howard Hunter was the president of this University at that time and he has written a book on 'Modern Contract law"

In the Singapore Airport I met a person Johan Boedianto an Articial Intelligence Engineer working for a German firm I think he was headed for Germany. I tried to contact Johan much later but was not successful. He seemed to me an interesting person.

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