Friday, October 4, 2013

VIJAYANAGAR....The Temple Town of Bangalore

There are many places to reckon with in Bangalore...Indiranagar...Rajajinagar...Jayanagar  etc  and each of these places have their own unique traits or parameters or features whatever one may call it. Some are known more as residential layouts,,some are fast becoming commercial hot-spots and many of these clusters compose what Bangalore is today and the growth of these places have been sporadic and unplanned.

I have been to all these places mentioned above and if one were to ask me which of these places or for that matter that place that I like the most..somewhere the answer would be Vijayanagar..I enjoy driving through this place.

Vijayanagar is one of the places in Bangalore where Kannada is spoken by the entire has a vast cluster of temples and more than anything else it is sylvan  and driving through this place one is largely shielded by the many trees that skirt the roads.

One of the key features is the many temples around and also the business that happens at this place during festive seasons..more so the Hindu festivals. Flower markets..vegetable markets...fruit vendors .....textiles..all come alive here in unison during Hindu festivals. Not to forget that Vijayanagar  is a residential locality in its own right. Every 50 meters one sees a temple in this area starting with the Iskcon temple atop the hilly slope and as one moves downwards a host of small and big temples and note that some or the event pre-occupies these  temples  almost every other day.

Anyone who wishes to visit Vijayanagar can approach it from Majestic through the Magadi road or the Mysore road or even from the Tumkur road.

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