Friday, October 25, 2013

Devabhushan my Kannada tutor in 1975

The Schooling process tossed many challenges, fears and uncertainties to cope up with. One was to pick up reading and writing the Kannada language and at the same time gaining some mastery over it.

I think I fared very badly once in my 5th standard and was appalled and upset. Thankfully help was near as my Father identified a tutor near my house who though being of a telugu origin was conversant with Kannada and there I went for a fairly long period of time to be tutored in the evenings every other day an the results were truly magnificent as my scores improved significantly in the ensuing exam at the school.

The name of this person was DevaBhusan a sturdy and joyful man and his wife. I would be failing in my mannerisms if I do not thank this man and his service he did to me in acting as a prop during this phase. He was more than a teacher and we met often at many places but gradually loosing touch later.

Thank you Mr. DevaBhushan...later on I used to score fairly high at Kannada exams doing very well in the tenth standard exam of the Karnataka board.

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