Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am  fascinated some times by the KSRTC Kerala buses..they can be seen all over Kerala and also on the highways connecting neighbouring cities. What fascinates me the most is that most of these buses are old by normal standards but do a stupendous service on most lines they are pressed into service sometimes negotiating difficult terrains with ease.

Sometime back I was listening to Ganesh Iyer CEO of Caterpillar at Leela Palace in Bangalore where he was talking about Re-Manufacturing ..a fairly remarkable topic for modern times and these buses to me are some kind of case studies at Re-Manufacturing.

Not that other state corporations do not  use old buses but very few would have a preponderant majority of the buses of this kind and yet run the services with little disruption. I must also record that one of my journey's by KSRTC(kerala) AC bus from Calicut to Bangalore was awful  with the AC making a heavy noise and the whole journey was far from pleasant.  May I also add deep appreciation for the staff of KSRTC(Karnataka) whom I have many times observed repairing buses that have broken down with alacrity and dedication  sometimes at locations which were inhospitable....the bond that KSRTC (Karnataka) drivers show for their buses is to be seen to be believed.

It would be a welcome gesture if practitioners of Operations and Engineering would make some kind of a study on the Kerala RTC buses to appreciate and assess the methodologies applied at Maintenance which could be a lesson and input to bus corporations around the world.

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