Friday, July 1, 2022



1. Purpose of Information Systems a. Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge b. The Components of Information Systems c. Using Information Technology to gain a Strategic Advantage in the Marketplace 2. Information Technologies a. Hardware b. End User and Enterprise Computing c.  Application Software: End User Applications d. System Software: Computer System Management 3. Data Resource Management a. Technical Foundations of Database Management b. Components of a Database Application System c. Managing Data Resources and Warehouses d. Database Security 4. Data Communication and Internet Technology a. The Wired and Wireless Networked Enterprise b. Telecommunications Network Alternatives c. Security Issues d. Ethical Concerns 5. Planning Information Systems a. Systems Development Life Cycle b. Rapid Application Development c. Object Oriented Systems Development d. Security and Systems Development 6. Building Information Systems a. Value of systems and managing change b. Modeling and Designing Systems c. Structured and object-oriented methodologies 7. Information Systems within Organizations a. Categories of Information Systems b. Survey of Functional Systems c. Competitive Strategy and Value Chains d. Business Process Design 8. E-Commerce and Supply Chain Systems a. Doing Business on the WWW b. Web Technologies c. Supply Chain Management d. Inter-Organizational Information Systems e. Ethics of Supply Chain Information Sharing 9. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management a. Developing Business/IT Solutions b. Data Warehouses and Data Marts c. Data Mining d. Knowledge Management 10. Information Systems Management a. Planning the Use of IT b. Managing the Computing Infrastructure c. Enterprise Applications d. Outsourcing e. User Rights and Responsibilities 11. Information Security a. Security Threats b. The Security Program i. Senior Managements Role ii. Risk Management c. Data Safeguards d. Human Safeguards e. Disaster Preparedness 12. Managing Global Information Technology


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