Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 1. Psychology: Nature, Scope and Applications. Methods: Observational, Experimental, and Correlational. Culture and Human Behavior

. 2. Biological Bases of Behavior: Neuron, Peripheral Nervous System and Central Nervous System.

 3. Attention and Perception: Psychophysical Problems. Attention Processes: Selective and Sustained Attention. Perceptual Organization: Determinants of Perception. 

4. Learning: Conditioning: Classical and Instrumental; Procedures and comparison. Verbal learning: Methods and Procedures.

 5. Memory and Forgetting: Stages of memory: encoding, storage and retrieval. Types of memory: (sensory, short term and long term). Reconstructive memory. Forgetting: Nature, Theories of Forgetting: Interference and Cue dependent

. 6. Thinking and Reasoning: Concepts, Categories and Prototypes; Schemas and Scripts; Inductive and deductive reasoning. Problem Solving: Solution Strategies.

 7. Motivation and Emotion: Motivation : Nature, and Types. Need, Hierarchy Theory. Intrinsic and Extrinsic framework. Emotion. 

8. Individual Differences: Intelligence: Theoretical Perspectives: Spearman, Thruston, Sternberg and Gardner. Personality: approaches to Personality: trait (Cattell), Psychodynamic (Freud), Socio-Cultural (Bandura and Triguna).

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