Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Unit 1

International Business: An Overview – Evolution of International Business, Drivers of Globalization, Influences of International Business, Stages of Internationalization, Differences between Domestic and International Business, International Business Approaches, Advantages of International Business.

Unit 2

Theories of International Trade – Mercantilism, Theory of absolute cost advantage, Comparative cost advantage theory, Relative factor endowment theory, Country similarity theory, Product life cycle theory.

Unit 3

International Business Environment – Social and Cultural Environment, Technological Environment, Economic Environment, Political Environment.

Unit 4

Modes of Entering International Business – Modes of Entry, Exporting, licensing, franchising, contract manufacturing, management contracts, turnkey projects, foreign direct investment, alliances like mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, Comparison of Different Modes of Entry.

Unit 5

Foreign Direct Investment – Factors Influencing FDI, Reasons for FDI, Costs and Benefits of FDI, Trends in FDI, Foreign Direct Investment in India.

Unit 6

World Trade Organization – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), Establishment of World Trade Organization, The Uruguay Round Package: Organization Structure of the WTO, WTO – The Third Pillar in the Global Business.

Unit 7

International Financial Institutions and Liquidity – IMF, World Bank, International Development Association, International Liquidity and SDR International Finance Cooperation.

Unit 8

Basics of International Marketing, Basics of Global HRM, Basics of International Financial Management, Basics of International Accounting.


Unit 9

International Production and Logistics Management – Generic Strategies of the International Business, Acquisition of Resources, Location Decisions, International Logistics Management.

Unit 10

Global Strategic Management and Business Ethics – Peculiarities of Global Strategic Management, Value Creation, Global Strategic Management Process, Collaborative Strategies, Ethics and Global Business.

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