Monday, July 11, 2022



Unit 1: Understanding marketing through the internet Module 1: Definition of digital marketing; origin of digital Marketing, Traditional VS Digital Marketing.


 Module 2: Benefits of Digital marketing e.g. reach, scope, immediacy, interactivity  Module 3: The internet micro- and macro-environment, Internet users in India

 Module 4: The internet marketing mix: product and branding; place e.g. channels, virtual Organizations; price e.g. auctions; promotions; people; processes; physical evidence. 4 Hours Module 5: Digital marketing tools/e-tools; the online marketing matrix including business and Consumer markets; the online customer.  Module 6: Interactive order processing: choosing a supplier; selecting a product; check stock Availability; placing order; authorization of payment; input of data; data transfer; Order processing; online confirmation and delivery information; tracking of order; Delivery; data integrity and security systems;

Unit 2: Use the internet for promotion using digital marketing Communications Module 7: Search engine marketing (SEM): definition of SEM, definition of search engine Optimization (SEO); advantages and disadvantages of SEO; best practice in SEO  Module 8: Paid search engine marketing, pay per click advertising (PPC); landing pages; long Tail concept; geo-targeting e.g. Google Ad Words; opt in email and email Marketing Module 9: Market research  Module 10: Customer relationship Marketing

 Module 11: Internet communities

Unit 3:Design a Digital Marketing plan Module 12: Design digital marketing plan, SWOT, situational analysis, key performance Indicators in internet marketing, Digital Landscape, P-O-E-M Framework.  Module 13: Segmenting and Customising Messages  Module 14: Digital Advertising Market  In India.  

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