Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Introduction: Importance of Human Resource Management – Meaning, Nature and Scope, Functions and Role of HR Manager – Advisory and service function to other department – HRM function planning – objectives and policies, organizing the HRM Department.


UNIT – II Procurement and Development Functions: Job Analysis, Job description, job specification, recruitment, selection, placement and induction and socialization,


UNIT – III Training & development. Types and method, job change – career planning, promotion, demotion, transfer, separations.


UNIT – IV Maintenance and Integration Functions: Administration of welfare, amenities & fringe benefits, safety & accident prevention work, environment fatigue safety, accident prevention. Employee grievances and their redressal, suggestion schemes, administration of discipline.


 UNIT-V Audit and Control Function: Performance appraisal – purpose, factors, methods 360 degree feed back uses and application, human resource accounting.

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