Monday, September 5, 2022


 Unit-I Introduction to retailing: Definition and scope, evolution of

retailing, types of retail, trends in retailing industry, benefits of

retailing, retailing environment.

Unit-II Retail purchasing and pricing:

Purchase management:- Merchandise purchasing, open to buy,

open to buy planning, analyzing the merchandise performance,

Pricing strategies:-every day pricing, competitive based pricing,

price skimming, market-oriented pricing, marginal cost pricing.

Retail price strategies: - mark-up pricing, vendor pricing,

competitive pricing, psychological pricing.

Unit-III Retail marketing and promotion: Nature and scope:-relationship

marketing, market strategies, retail research Understanding the

retail customer:- retail market, population analysis, demographic

analysis, consumer behavior Retail promotion Mix: - Retail

promotion programme, retail advertising media, promotional

budget. Customer services: - customer services, services quality

gaps, service recovery.

Unit-IV Information system in retailing: Acquiring and using

information strategies, technology in retail, information sources,

retail information system.

Unit-V Retailing in India: Evolution and trends in organised retailing,

Indian organised retail market, FDI in Indian organised retail

sector, retail scenario in India, future trends of retail in India.

Unit-VI Ethical and legal issues in Retailing: Dealing with ethical issues,

social responsibility, environmental orientation, waste reduction at

retail stores.

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