Friday, September 23, 2022


 UNIT – 1

Introduction: Capital investments, types of capital investments, Phases of capital

budgeting, objectives of capital budgeting, common weakness in capital budgeting.

Generation and screening of project ideas: Tools to identify investment opportunities,

scouting for project ideas project rating index.

UNIT – 2

Market and demand analysis, technical analysis, cost of project means of finance, cost of

production, working capital requirement and its analysis. Time value for money, investment

criteria- NPV, IPR, Benefit Cost Ratio, Payback period, Project cash flow. Balance sheet and

Budgetary control.

UNIT - 3

Risk analysis: Sources measures and perspectives of Risk, discussion on different methods

of Risk analysis, like sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, break-even analysis and

decision tree analysis. Social Cost Benefit Analysis: rationale for SCABA, UNIDO

approach, Little-Mirrles‘s approach, shadow pricing, public sectors investment decision in


UNIT – 4

Project organizations: Types of project organizations structure for project management,

Human aspects in project Management. Networks Techniques in Project Management:

Development of project network, time estimation, determination of critical path. PERT Model

and CPM model. Network cost system.

UNIT – 5

Project review and administrative aspects, control of in-process projects, post completion

audit Atonement Analysis. Discussion of case studies in project management.

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