Friday, September 2, 2022


 1. Services Marketing- An Insight into Emerging Sector of Economy Introduction, Nature & Definition of Services, Difference between goods & Services: Service-Continuum, Key classifications of the Services, Service Characteristics; Traditional elementsof  Services   Mix;   Need   for  extended marketing  mix   elements in Services.   Need   to  studyService Marketing: Evolution of Services as Value Contributors, Service Sector beyond 2020 -Indian, Asian & Global perspectives 

2. Role of Process, People& Physical Evidence in Services Marketing: Process - Service system - Service system, Servicescape and Servuction system, Importanceof Process in Services; Service Blueprint;  Mapping the  Process- Horizontally  & Vertically;Variety in Service Process; Value addition in Process. People- The Key to a Service Marketing;People Dimensions in Services Marketing; Service Encounters; HighContact & Low-ContactServices;   Emotions   in   Service   Situations;   Service   Profit   Chain;   Service   Culture   PhysicalEvidence- Contribution of Physical  Evidence to the  Service  Understanding,  Managing thePhysical Evidence in Service Marketing 

3. Managing Consumer Behaviour& Service Quality: Consumer   and   Organisational   Behaviour   in   Services   –   Understanding   Our   Customers   &Collaborators   in   services,   stages   of   service   consumption   Service   Quality-   Levels   &Dimensions; Service  Quality  Models  - ServQual,  GAP  Model and  Critical Incident Model.Managing   demand   and   capacity   -   capacity  constraints,  understanding   demand   patterns,strategies   for   matching   and   adjusting   capacity   and   demand   Service   Recovery,   ServiceRecovery Process, Impact of Service Failures, Nature of Complaining Behaviour-ComplaintResolution.

 4. Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning of Services in Modern Era: Bases for Segmentation of Services; Selecting Target Market & Approaches; Techniques ofPositioning  Services.  Managing   of   Relationships   in   Services   Marketing,   service   marketingtriangle,   Current   customer   retention   and   customer   lifetime   value.   Service   MarketingStrategies for Small and Medium Enterprises: Importance & Challenges. 

 5. Marketing of Services: New   Paradigm   and   Perspectives:   Customer   as   the   Centre   of   Attention;   Services   as   KeyDifferentiators; New Service Opportunities: Emergence of Work from Home, Automation &New   Technologies   in   Services;   Service   Marketing   Opportunities   in   India   Applications   ofService Marketing:  Marketing  in Tourism, Retail, Hospitality,   Airlines, Telecom, IT   & ITES,Sports & Entertainment, Logistics, Health Care Sector, Event Management Services and Banks& Financial Sector, NonProfit Organisations.

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