Tuesday, September 27, 2022


 Unit-I Introduction: International Trade, Its Importance, Theories of International Trade- Theory Comparative Costs, Classical Theory,

Absolute Advantage, Hecksher-Ohlin Theory, Free Trade V/S Protection ,Barriers To Foreign Trade, Tariff And Non-Tariff Barriers.

Unit-II Balance of Payment : Meaning Of BOP, Components Of BOP, Importance

Of BOP, Meaning Of Deficit And Surplus, Equilibrium, Disequilibrium And Adjustments, Methods Of Correcting Disequilibrium, Accounting Principles In BOP.

Unit-III Foreign Exchange Markets: Defining Foreign Exchange Market, Its Structure, Settlement System, Exchange Rate, Participants, Understanding SPOT And Forward Rates, Foreign Exchange Quotations,Premium And Discount In Forward Market, Cross Rates, Inverse Rates And Arbitrage.

Unit-IV Exchange Rate Determination: Determination Under Gold Standard And Paper Standard, Factors Affecting Exchange Rates, Purchasing Power Parity Theory, Demand And Supply Theory, Equilibrium Rate Of Exchange, Fluctuating V/S Fixed Exchange Rates, Exchange Control,Objectives Of Exchange Control

Unit-V Instruments: ADR, GDR, Euro Currencies, International Commercial Papers.

Unit-VI International Financial Institutions: Introduction To IMF, Its Importance,Functions and Significance.

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