Wednesday, August 1, 2018


It was possibly in 2014 or so I was invited to a function in the Bangalore Town hall to receive a momento.The chief guest of the function was Mr. Omprakash who was then the head of the Fire Services. Nagabharana the film director was another guest.

I had few minutes of interaction with Mr.Omprakash who later was appointed DGP of Karnataka state..DGP meaning Director General of Police and had a fairly long tenure. I was given to understand he is from Bihar.

Mr.Om Prakash

What happened later left me spell bound..his speech in the Kannada language for more than half an hour with a high degree of clarity and eloquence which was appreciated by many. In this context I must also appreciate  Mr.Loknath  Behera the DGP of Kerala whom I have not met but speaks the Malayalam language with enthusiasm  on TV.

Loknath Behera

It shows beyond doubt that the selection procedure for the Police Services in India is truly top class and capable people get to be at challenging posts.

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