Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Many roads in Bangalore city are getting renamed deprived of their Anglican ancestry..Even Cubbon park gets the title Jayachamarajendra Park..a sign of changing times and the decline of the reminiscences of the English raj to some extent.

There was a silent benefactor and a endorser of Indian view of things or a sympathiser  of Indian demands and views in FRANCIS CUNNINGHAM who served as a deputy to Mark Cubbon and tried to restore the Mysore kingdom back to the rulers of Mysore and for many years served the military.

The Cunningham road of Bangalore has retained fully its English title largely due to the favourable disposal of this Englishman to Indian needs and aspirations.With the exit of Mark Cubbon he loses office and settles down at a villa in the present day Cunningham road before leaving for his home town in England.

The Cunningham road extends almost from the end of the Shivajinagar bus stand  to golf course and is a prestigious road by many standards.The Cantonment railway station is close by and so are hotels like Le Meridian and Windsor Manor.

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