Friday, August 10, 2018


The Bangalore -Mysore state highway is an important highway which is four laned now and connects the city to Mysore another growing metropolis the distance being almost 140 kilometers or some 90 odd miles.This was one of the earliest roads to come up in this place created for administrative reasons and now has become a stretch of commercial significance.

The road once upon a time was a single lane structure and some twenty years back converted into the form in which it is today.Mysore is an important city and an exit point into the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The earliest bus services can be traced on this route with buses plying between these cities from Kalasipalayam may be the steam driven buses taking eight hours to reach the destination..may be in the early parts of the 20th century.

The entire 140km stretch can be divided as follows. 60km from Bangalore to Chennapattana..another 30km from this point to Mandya..Maddur being on this part of the road...30km or so from Mandya to Srirangapattana..and the rest 20km from Srirangapattana to Mysore.After Chennapattana there is a bifurcation the left road going to Malavalli and Shivanasamudra and also to Talakkad and Someshwara temples.

Each of the towns are becoming town ships in their own right with sophistication setting in and growth of civilisation and the city of Bangalore as it is seen today is slowly lava-ing itself into this stretch and corridor.A day may not be too far when these two cities of ancient origin would merge in some form and the travel  time between these two cities reduced to more than half of what it is today.

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