Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dr.Y Rajaram and Myself

It was in 2005 or so I was introduced to Dr.Y Rajaram with whom I had a long term professional association.He was a colleague of another friend and mentor of mine by name Dr.G Venkatesh who is a physicist from Raman Research Institute.Dr.Y Rajaram is a doctorate in banking from an university in central India.He guided me during my M Phil project on "Indo Singapore trade".

I have also met many times the brother of Dr.Y Rajaram , Dr.Narahari at the School of Automation at the Indian Institute of Science IISc. Dr Narahari I was told at a International Symposium of the society of Operations Management is an expert at Supply Chain modelling.

Dr.Y Rajaram is also an administrative expert with high degree of Operational conformity and above everything a very supportive and helpful individual. He was the Dean of RIMS Ramaiah Institute Of Management Studies for many years.

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