Friday, August 3, 2018


Indhira Nagar is a upmarket posh residential and business township of Bangalore close to M G Road and Ulsoor. To me the M G Road of modern day starts at the tip of the Chinmaya mission temple and extends all through the Chinmaya Mission road into Trinity Circle and ends at The Bible Society of India.This is the enormity of this road and Indhiranagar. At the junction of the 80 feet road and Chinmaya Mission road is the Chinmaya Mission Krishna temple, a fairly large structure with a hall in its neighbourhood.

Many frequent this temple and it is worth visiting it once.The Chinmaya mission hospital is close-by.The chinmaya mission road is also accessible from the 8oft road from old madras road. Indhiranagar metro station is close to the Chinmaya Mission temple though with some walking.

CHYK also known as Chinmaya yuva kendra also operates its activities at this temple.

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