Monday, July 30, 2018


Not many in Bangalore would have heard about a place called is presently taken over by the Khadi udgyog board and comes near a place called Kothur adjacent to Tin Factory on the Old Madras Road.

The history of Gheecentry can be traced to the Second World War when Italian Prisoners they say were brought to Bangalore by Plane and housed in large halls in the area opposite to the Indian Telephone Industries Main gate and now in the hands of Indian Oil Corporation.These halls are not to be seen now possibly demolished in 1980 or so.

As I mentioned some where the key residential settlements of the English in Bangalore was in Bangalore East not far away from this place.

What is this Gheecentry..I came to know when I visited this place was a center where Ghee was produced using Italian prisoners for English use using Milk supplied by local vendors.

As a child I ventured into this place inspite of caution from some local grown-ups who told me that the place was haunted.All that I saw at that time was dilapidated buildings ,large trees and broken glass ..wood ..and pebbles.

It appears to me that these prisoners were brought to this place in chains and made to work hard and any rebellious of these prisoners hanged to death on these large trees which explains the possibility of Ghosts and the rhetoric there-of.With the exit of the English the entire place went into ruins now to be put to use by the Government..

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