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The Wodeyars also called the Wadiars are the royal clans based in  Mysore whose geneology encompasses various ethnic segments presently dominated by possibly Rajasthani descent.The growth of the Wodeyars could be traced to the fall of the Vijayanagar Empire in Srirangapattana.

My speculation is that the earliest Wadiars had some links with the more powerful Kolathiri dynasty of Malabar and in principle could be some form of an offshoot. I was planning some time back to dedicate a full fledged Blog to the various aspects of the Wadiar dynasty.

Kindly explore the exact dates but Raja Wodeyar is the founder of this dynasty in the mid seventeenth century based in Srirangapattana who took control of the Srirangapattana fort and conducted the administration there upon and even holding Dasara  processions at the present location of the daria daulat palace.The Dasara processions were imported into the Deccan mainland from the customs of Malabar.Many Wodeyar kings thereafter ruled over this feifdom which must have been a relatively small kingdom but none the less prosperous with agriculture flourishing in the Cauvery river basins.

For nearly forty years upto 1799 the Wodeyars were dethroned from power and confined within the Fort ,some of them as ordinary citizens with limited privileges and others in formal bondage.These forty years saw a transformation from the basic lines on which the Wodeyars conducted themselves by becoming more friendly with the various communities that helped them during their bondage.Note that there was a harlem in Srirangapattana that housed destitute women who belonged to various ethnic groups in the country and the uncertainty surrounding the various English upsurge from time to time made many feel anxious.

In 1799 the kingdom was handed over to the Wodeyars by  Arthur Wellesley to the Wadiar queen and Mummadi Krishnarajendra Wodeyar who was a small boy given the title of King who would operate under the aegis of Dewan Purniah.

Again from 1825 to 1875 the direct rule of the Kingdom was taken control of by the English..and from 1875 to 1947 various Wadeyar Kings were at the helm.The most recent of these Monarchs are Krishna Rajendra Wodeyar who ruled upto 1940 and thereafter by Jayachamarajendra Wadeyar.

The Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore have no doubt left a legacy in this part of the World largely in the fields of Education and their synergy with the English and team work led to harmony on one side and development of unprecedented kind on the other.

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