Thursday, July 26, 2018


How this name Banaswadi came upon this small hamlet is a matter of conjecture the word sounds more Marati to me but was a often spoken after village or town of  Bangalore city with an Ayyappan temple somewhere in its midst and various roads criss crossing the sometimes busy area.

Banaswadi can be accessed from Ramamurthy Nagar from where if would be two kilometers and also from Ulsoor lake via Cox town and Cooke town.There is a military garrison in Banaswadi called as  Banaswadi Garrison.

Banaswadi is more known from past times for a Hanuman temple which exists there frequented by many abd a Banyan tree and there is a huge flyover near this place that leads to Ulsoor lake.Banaswadi  has a railway station along the Yeshwantpur corridor of railways and this railway station is increasing in prominence.

Frazer town now known as Pulikeshi Nagar,Cooke Town,Byappanahalli and Ramamurthy Nagar are all neighbouring places of Banaswadi.

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