Sunday, May 12, 2019


Many of today in Bangalore would scarcely believe that Double Decker buses once adorned the roads of the city.This is between 1970 and 1980 and they were discontinued and note that during this era there were no ring roads.

They were well designed buses with seating capacity on top with two conductors one at the bottom and the other at top.The Bus conductors and drivers of the erstwhile BTS of this era were less professional in their conduct compared to what they are now.Frequent feuds between BTS (Bangalore Transport Service) staff in the bus and passengers were common.The staff at present are very professional and BMTC(Bangalore Metropolitian Transport Service) is a very well run institution largely due to the refinement brought into its day to day operations and systems and BMTC is truly world class. To my observation as a child during the above era there were mishaps involving these double decker buses due to difficulty in co-ordination between the conductor on the top, the conductor at the floor and the driver.However there was also an incident where a double decker bus capsized creating injuries and these services were discontinued forthwith.

I think couple of such buses could be tried in the city today with one major door with collapsible facility near the driver and a stairway to the top near the driver so that he can monitor at once people on the deck and below ensuring better co-ordination.If London can operate such buses why cant we?

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