Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Audio Visual Club at REC NIT Calicut

The REC NIT CALICUT of our times had a very active audio-visual club.This club was manned by student volunteers who did a very good job.My room mate Binodanand Mishra also was part of this committee once if Iam not mistaken.Most of the times Hindi and English movies were displayed.

The auditorium of our times were used for this purpose.Under normal circumstances the auditorium would work in one direction with with seats facing the pedestal or the podium or the elevated platform.On this elevated platform skits and dramas were played.But when it is movie time the auditorium would function in the reverse mode facing the screen and the elevated platform used for seating girl students.The chairs in the auditorium were movable steel chairs which could be reversed as and when needed.

I think the first movie I saw was Madumathi. I had decided not to go for the movie but seeing that the entire hostels partook in it I made a last minute dash to the Auditorium.Most of the movies shown were good and I think there was a Faculty coordinator for the club who authenticated films. 

Some of the movies that I saw here are Manchali,Sathyam Shivam Sundaram,Masoom,Sadma,Tootsie,Double Trouble,Dard Ka Rishtha  and may be many more which I dont recollect now.

In retrospect I think it is a good thing to have such clubs which bring entertainment right into the campus.

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