Sunday, May 12, 2019

My experience as Zed Point Co-ordinator


In 1997 I used to co-ordinate ZED points in Bangalore covering the territories of  Karnataka and many ways a prestigious assignment I must say.Uma Ganesh used to be the CEO of ZED POINTS under the aegis of ZEE Education sponsored by ZEE TV.

What is a ZED POINT ?It used to be a mini Computer education centre with two or more personal computers handled by an independent investor and there were some fifteen such centres around my geography struggling to survive in a competitive environment and most of my time was spent visiting these centre heads and holding meetings with them.

I used to enjoy this work and even meeting people in Mumbai(Bombay).The toughest part for me was visiting Goa to meet  Mr.Agnelo Lobo who used to run a ZED POINT at Mapuza, Bardez few kilometers from Panjim. On leaving this assignment I was AGM of another Computer company handling South India.

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