Thursday, February 25, 2010


The BTS called Bangalore Transport Service was renamed BMTC Bangalore Metropolitan Transport service somewhere in 2000. My earliest experiences with BTS is as a child say from around 1973. BTS services could be rated poor during this time with inadequate buses and huge rush of population and jam packed buses with the conductors finding it difficult to complete the job of issuing tickets. Every single bus stop was a scene of despair with families trying to get their act together of squeezing into a bus.
Some of the principal bus stands in bangalore were the Subhash nagar bus stand in Majestic near the city railway station; City Market bus stand; Shivajinagar bus station and Jayanagar bus stop at the 4th block.

With the opening of the ring roads and the many routes that were developed the situation seems to have eased considerably at present. The Kempe Gowda bus station seen at subash nagar must have come somewhere in the late 70's. It used to be a shallow valley were circus used to be held and I was witness to one such circus in the 70's.

The road -lines of Bangalore began to get illuminated with red coloured volvo buses from the year 2000 or so which caught the fancy of up-market residents.This has given the city a touch of glamour. The charges were exorbitant to start with on these buses but were rationalised later.

BMTC or (BTS) has developed and improved itself over the years. But it can be developed even further and defanitely efforts should be put in this direction.

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