Tuesday, February 2, 2010


There used to be an annual sporting event at the Lowry memorial School. This was conducted relegiously year after year in november and various athletic events were held and prizes distributed. I remember Ismail from hoodi village (and his brother muhammed ali) who used to win 1500mtrs race year after year . James peter, Swamy das were other sporting heroes of Lowry Memorial School of our times. Some of them used to win prizes at regional events of the karnataka state too.

I tried to be an athlete but in vain basically to bask in the glory of a winner-but never succeeded. But I came very close once. I was not winning short distance races, so i decided to try the 400 meters race. This means running two rounds around the school ground. I was doing a fairly good job and was very close to getting the third prize , had it not been for the unfair designs of my class mate Swatantra babu who was nick named cobbler and was from Kaggadasapura. He repeatedly tugged at me from behind and got the better of me; and in desperation I had to drop out at the last instance thereby losing my only chance to have won a prize at athletics. I protested at the action of my friend cobbler but the decision was against me- I should have completed the race and not drop out. In retrospect I think this decision was wrong and cobbler should have been disqualified for malpractice.

I took to playing field games later like basket ball and had good time doing so for many years.

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