Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NLSIU ( National Law School of India University Bangalore)

NLSIU stands for National law School of India University. I spent two years here as a student of law from 2006-2008. I liked the place and the legal education given through lectures. 

There were some good teachers at the law school. Mr. Sairam Bhat who used to teach Contract law; Mr. Chauhan who used to teach environment law and Mr. M P P Pillai who used to teach Company law. I think Mr. Chauhan passed away somewhere in 2009.

I must make special mention of Dr. Chauhan who used to teach environmental law. He had served in the ministry of environment and forests before joining nlsiu. He used to be a very very dedicated teacher and used to teach environmental law with a high degree of involvement and enthusiasm. It is a tragedy we lost him so early. I think something must be done by the nlsiu to honour his memory and dedication towards spirited teaching. He sent me some ppt presentations regarding environmental law which I have preserved .

What impressed me the most at nlsiu is the library which has an axcellent design and also the lawns and the buildings , not to forget the small canteen in the main building and the bright young students who frolick merrily walking up and down the campus walk-ways.

Some people do not know how to reach NLSIU. From the bangalore railway station it is not very far. Take the taxi or rickshaw and follow the mysore road and the next important mile-stone being the raja rajeshwari arch and the gopalan arcade. Ahead you find the Bangalore University gate. Drive through the gate into the straight road until you see the psychology department to the right. Turn to the right at this junction and as you go ahead you see the department of environmental science of the bangalore University to the right and the road leading to a dead end. Turn left here and a few meters away you encounter a main road. Turn right here and keep straight through the winding roads and you rach the national law school. If you reach the new bangalore airport ask for Nagarabhavi circle near Vijayanagar which would be the pivots to reach the law school.

The culture at this institute is largely western and is co-educational and dont be surprised if you see boys and girls embrace; this is the culture here and a largely accepted one.

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