Tuesday, August 2, 2022



UNIT I Evolution of maintenance, objective of maintenance, maintenance policies and philosophies, maintenance concept, maintenance management &terotechnology, relationship withfunctional areas, importance of maintenance, elements of good maintenance, Economics of maintenance, training and safety aspects in maintenance. Classification of maintenance programs, corrective preventive and predictive maintenance, comparison of maintenance programs, preventive maintenance- concepts, functions, benefits, limitations.

 UNIT II Spare and Inventory planning, Manpower planning, Maintenance performance and Maintenance Auditing. Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) RCM logic, benefits of RCM, introduction to Total productive maintenance (TPM), Objectives, key supporting elements of TPM, methodology, evaluation and benefits.


UNIT III Introduction to Reliability systems - series, parallel and hybrid systems, Techniques for improvement of operational reliability, Reliability calculations, and availability of machines and production systems, maintainability criteria, checklist to assess the maintainability of a system, maintainability programs, objectives, key issues in availability improvements program, fault diagnosis, Pareto principle Ishikawa diagram, Failure distribution-Constant failure rate, Weiball analysis .


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