Wednesday, August 10, 2022



 FINANCIAL ECONOMICS Unit 1: Financial Markets · Financial Markets and Financial Instruments · Real Assets and Financial Assets · Stocks, Rate of Interest, Exchange Rates · Indian Financial Markets, Regulations and SEBI Unit 2: Modern investment Theory · Securities Markets Operational Efficiency and Efficient Market Hypothesis (Emh) · Modern View of Security Analysis, Performance of Securities Market, Price / Earning Ratios. · The Determinants of Equity Prices, Estimating Fair Value, Capital Asset Pricing Models (CAPM), Arbitrage Pricing Theories (APT), Multifactor Models · Fixed Income Securities, Bond Valuation and Analysis, Bond Portfolio Management Unit 3: Financial Derivatives · Derivatives Forward Markets and Future Markets. · Mechanics of Futures Markets and Price Determination. Hedgers, Speculators, Hedging Strategies. · Options and Option Pricing, the Payoffs from Buying and Selling Options, Put-Call Ratio and Parity. · Mechanics and Properties of Stock Options.


 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Unit 1: Agriculture and Economic Development-Introduction · Nature and Scope of Agricultural Economics · Peculiar Characteristics of Agriculture · Transformation of Traditional Agriculture-Schultz and Mellor’s Analysis · Agriculture and Dual Models: Fei- Ranis and Arthur Lewis · Agriculture and Its Contribution-Kuznets’s Formulations Unit 2: Economics of Agricultural Production · Production Function in Agriculture and forms of Production Functions-Cobb Douglas, Spill Man · Factor Factor Relationship in Agriculture · Rational and Irrational Production Stages of Production · Risk and UncertaInty in Agriculture · Crop insurance Unit 3: Issues in India’s Agricultural Development · Land Reforms in India and Their Impact on Agrarian Structure · The New Agricultural Strategy · The New Economic Policy and Indian Agriculture · Wto and its Implication for Indian Agriculture · Agricultural Price Policy in India

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