Saturday, September 22, 2018


I used to serve in Mumbai in 1999  in the area of  Enterprise solutions and my office being behind the Star TV Network in Andheri East and staying at a hotel in Juhu. I was conducting an interview to make some recruitments when a gentleman with some affiliation with BARC the Bhaba Atomic Research Center happenned to be on the list.I remembered that Kallol Roy who used to be my senior at college was at BARC and enquired if he knew Kallol and to my surprise knew him very well and got the residence number of Kallol.

I had forgotten about the matter but one Sunday afternoon decided to call him on the number from my office and lo Kallol was on the other side. Kallol never knew me all too well and I had some difficulty in permeating myself. Kallol Roy was in the Seventh Semester when I joined the Regional Engineering College Calicut.He used to be a person with a wide spectrum of academic interests and used to take part in debating and person with high motivation.

None the less we got talking for nearly an hour on the phone transcending many events during his and my stay at college and he had the gift of giving almost accurate dates of events.It was a very nice experience  talking to him at length..thereafter I have not had a chat with Kallol but came to know from some quarters he had risen to very high posts in BARC..May be he is headed to become a distinguished alumni of REC  NIT  Calicut.

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