Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two Wheelers and Bangalore

The Bangalore city of today is full of two wheelers and many use this as a mode of transport from one place to another like in few other cities of the World. Barring a few months during the rainy season a two wheeler is a cozy device to travel around the city.

When did the two wheeler revolution throng the city..perhaps in the early 1980’s or so –prior to which time there only few two wheelers to be seen in the city largely Scooters and motorbikes. Scooters like Lamberetta , Vespa and few other not to mention the motor cycles like Java and Yezdi.

Companies like “Honda” are responsible in making Bangalore a two wheeler friendly city. Most of the varieties of two wheelers mentioned above had gears and a kick start seen as unfriendly propositions for any two wheeler and there came the modern scooterette which had no kick-start and at the same time some of them had auto gears.

A  large support mechanism has grown around the town to service and repair two wheelers. Research must be done to make all two wheelers as light as possible..occupy less space on the roads..and have no manual or foot gear changing; which means all have auto gears…professionalize the network of servicing in some form a rain coat to protect the rider completely from the rain....Two wheelering in the city would even thrive further giving the rider autonomy of transit and at the same time at the fraction of the cost and time needed by a car .

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