Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Devarayanadurga near Tumkur

The city of Tumkur is a very important hub some 60 kms from Bangalore and is a route to the northern cities in Karnataka state.It is some one and a half hour drive from the city of Bangalore. I have seen lush greenery at many pockets around Tumkur and one such point I visited was a place called Devarayanadurga. Not many must have heard about this place.

I found rocky terrain here and a climb up a hillock for a splendid view around and the whole exercise was breath taking. There are quite a few temples in the vicinity; These rocky terrains are extensions of the Eastern Ghats.

Any one keen on visiting this place can do so…it is right turn on the  Bangalore   Tumkur   highway few kilometres from Tumkur and the whole area is serene and worthy.

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